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StorageTek Tape Libraries Essentials

Question No: 41

In an SL8500 library with redundant robotics, it is best to install drives in the:

  1. first and third columns

  2. inner two columns

  3. outer two columns

  4. second and fourth columns

Answer: C

Explanation: Install drives in the outer two columns (Ść§ 2) first-this allows both HandBots to access drives at the same time.

Note: Redundant Robotics

A single SL8500 rail section can accommodate two robots, for a total of eight robots per library. These robots can operate in parallel, significantly increasing the overall performance of the library.

Reference: StorageTek SL8500 Modular Library System, Best Practises Grouping Tape Drives

Question No: 42

Web Launched SLC is an upgrade for the SL500 library.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: B

Explanation: The Web-launched SL Console is a standard feature of the library.

Reference: StorageTek SL500 Modular Library System, Users Guide,Web-launched SL Console

Question No: 43

If you have a current need for about 70 TB of backup, and have data growth expectations of about 10% per year, which library would you recommend?

  1. SL24

  2. SL48

  3. SL500

  4. SL3000

  5. SL8500

Answer: C Explanation: C: SL500:

Capacity, Maximum Native (Uncompressed)

  • LTO 5 (1.5 TB/cartridge) – 862 TB (575 cartridges)

  • LTO 4 (800 GB/cartridge) – 460 TB (575 cartridges) Reference: Datasheets

Question No: 44

What ACSLS utility would be used to start both ACSLS and the database?

  1. db_command start

  2. bdb.acsss

  3. rc.acsss

  4. restart.acsss

Answer: C

Explanation: The rc.acsss utility brings ACSLS up and automatically starts the database. There is no need to manually start the database.

Reference: StorageTek ACSLS, Automated Cartridge System Library Software, rc.acsss

Question No: 45

Which three statements are accurate regarding physical and hardware activated capacity on the SL3000?

  1. Physical and hardware activated capacity can be equal

  2. Physical capacity can exceed hardware activated rapacity

  3. Hardware activated capacity can exceed physical capacity

  4. Physical and hardware activated capacity must be equal

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 46

On average, which move would be performed fastest by the SL8500 library?

  1. A move from a cartridge slot to a drive on the same rail would be the fastest

  2. A move from a cartridge slot on the top library rail to the top magazine of the CAP would be the fastest

  3. A move from a cartridge slot in one library to a drive in another library would be the fastest

  4. All moves would take the same lime to perform.

Answer: A

Question No: 47

Which ACSLS utility would you use to produce a list of all cartridges in the ACS?

  1. vol_rpt

  2. q vol CLN

  3. show vol CLN

  4. disp_vol CLN

Answer: A

Explanation: Use the volrpt utility to create a report of library cartridges, including their physical location, history, attributes, and use. You can also use volrpt to verify

the database after you restore it. You can use the -a, -l, or -v options to specify the ACSs, LSMs, or cartridges for the report. If you do not specify any of these options, volrpt reports on all volumes.

Reference: StorageTek ACSLS, Automated Cartridge System Library Software, volrpt

Question No: 48

Which statement is NOT a recommendation for managing media on the SL8500?

  1. Makesurethat each rail has the correct amount and type of cartridges plus enough scratch cartridges to support the workload.

  2. Install redundant robotics to support maximum activity for each rail.

  3. Migrate the least recently used cartridges away from the tape drives.

  4. Cluster cartridges by workload on separate rails with enough drives to support the maximum activity for that workload.

Answer: B

Reference: StorageTek SL8500 Modular Library System, Best Practises, Configuring Tape Drives

Question No: 49

Which SL3000 feature does not require a hardware activation file?

  1. Partitioning

  2. Multiple CAPs

  3. Dual TCPIP

  4. Capacity

Answer: B

Explanation: The hardware activation utility allows you to activate selected optional features on the

SL3000 library.

Reference: StorageTek SL3000 Modular Library System, User’s Guide

Question No: 50

Which two features are available through the Sun Storage Archive Manager?

  1. encryption of data to tape to safeguard against the misuse of sensitive data

  2. Recovery of volumes that are not found in their expected locations in the StorageTek tape

  3. Archiving of data using an open format

  4. Continuous archiving of file data to as many as four local and remote storage locations

Answer: C,D

Explanation: C: With Sun Storage Archive Manager software, data is archived using an open format

to ease future access and avoid vendor lock-in.

D: . Sun Storage Archive Manager software continuously archives file data to as many as four local and remote storage locations for effective and efficient data protection and recovery

Reference: Sun Storage Archive Manager, Oracle Data Sheet

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