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CompTIA A Certification Exam (902)

Question No: 41

An end user receives an unsolicited and unencrypted email containing a co-workers birth date and social security number. The end user should immediately contact the IT department and report a violation of which of the following policies?

  1. DRM

  2. EULA

  3. IRP

  4. PII

Answer: D

Question No: 42

A technician is working on a PC that utilizes a RAID array for operation. The user of the system has reported that random files are becoming corrupted on creation with no pattern to the activity. One drive in the array is likely failing and causing the read/write failures.

Which of the following types of RAID is MOST likely in use?

  1. RAID 0

  2. RAID 1

  3. RAID 5

  4. RAID 10

Answer: A

Question No: 43

Joe, an end-user, reports that the PC he uses periodically logs off his user account and displays a message that updates are being installed. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

  1. Time of day restrictions are enabled on the machine

  2. Scheduled antivirus scans and updates are enabled on the machine

  3. Remote desktop is enabled and an administrator has logged into the machine

  4. Automatic Windows Update is enabled on the machine

Answer: D

Question No: 44

Joe, a user, returned yesterday from a trip where he utilized the GPS function of his mobile device. He now notices the battery is rapidly draining. Which of the following can Joe MOST likely do to resolve the issue without a loss of data?

  1. Restart the mobile device.

  2. Update the device’s firmware.

  3. Uninstall the GPS-enabled app.

  4. Readjust the location settings.

Answer: D

Question No: 45 CORRECT TEXT

You have been tasked with setting up a new executive#39;s laptop on his home network. After an investigation, you find that his home network is wired and has the following settings:

鈥?IP range is

鈥?Netmask is

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