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Oracle Mobile Development 2015 Essentials

Question No: 21

Your team created an MAF application. A developer at the application user’s site wants to further customize the application to modify the look and feel and to add some features.

Which type of file should you send to the developer and how would he start using it?

  1. Provide a JAR file containing your Oracle MAF Java code and he will add it as a JAR library to his MAF application.

  2. Provide an Oracle MAF Application Archive file and he will use the Create a new MAF Application from Application Archive option in JDeveloper.

  3. Provide an Oracle MAF Application Archive file and he will add this as another project in his workspace.

  4. Provide an IPA file and he will use Xcode to decompile it and further modify the code.

Answer: C

Question No: 22

You are investigating a mobile application that uses SOAP web services that invoke

queries on a database to get the data to the mobile UI. The customer complains about the application being too slow.

Which of the following changes would not improve the performance of the application?

  1. Introduce middle-tier data caching for data that does not change frequently.

  2. Switch the services from SOAP protocol to REST protocol.

  3. Reduce the number of fields returned from the service so that only the needed fields are returned.

  4. Add a layer that fetches the data on the middle tier into a Java class and then expose that class asa SOAP service.

Answer: A

Question No: 23

Which statement is true about consolidating dataqueried from a SOAP web service and a REST-JSON web service locally on the MAF client so that it can be exposed in a single data control?

  1. The SOAP web service returns an XML response, whereas the REST service (as per thequestion) returns a JSON response. The two cannot be combined in a unified data control exposure.

  2. SOAP web services and REST web services with a JSON response (as per the question) can each be transformed in data objects stored in data services. A Java layer on top can be used to expose the information on a single data control interface.

  3. Data queried from different web service sources and web service types must be transformed and consolidated on the remote server to ensure unique keys and payloads.

  4. REST web services with a JSON payload (as per the question) can be accessed from the SOAP data control. The framework automatically converts the JSON string schema to an XML structure.

Answer: D Reference:https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/maf210/mobile/develop/maf-web- services.htm

Question No: 24

Which three rolesoractivities are commonly performed by mobile application developers?

  1. help the service designer specify the service interface

  2. select the back-end service technologies for the OS, implementation language, and database

  3. evaluate how the mobile app will interact with the back-end services and design the application with caching and battery life in mind

  4. specify the scaling of the back-end services for optimal performance

  5. thoroughly consider the ergonomics of the application to make it easy and intuitive to use

Answer: B,C,D

Question No: 25

You used the REST service data control wizard to build a data control from a remote REST service endpoint.

How do you change the endpoint while you move the MAF application from testing to production?

  1. Edit theconnections.xmlfile stored in the application’s.adf/Meta-Infdirectory.

  2. Edit theDataControls.dcxdata control definition file stored in the project within which the REST data control is created.

  3. Edit theadfm.xmlfile in theApplicationController/adfmsrc/Meta-INFdirectory.

  4. Edit thecacertsfile in the application’s/resources/securitydirectory.

Answer: A Explanation:

After creating a web service data control, you can modify the end point of the URI. This is useful in such cases as when you migrate an application feature from a test to production environment.

You modify the end point by editing the connections.xml file

Question No: 26

When using MAF’s integrated device services for taking pictures, the getPicture API includes aqualityparameter with values from 0 to 100. Which option must you be careful about if you are settingqualityto 100?

  1. Only PNG-encoded images support aqualityof 100.

  2. You cannot constrain the image width and height whenqualityis set to 100.

  3. Though 100 is an acceptedqualityvalue in MAF, this will be ignored on Android devices.

  4. When taking the picture, some iOS devices may run out of memory.

Answer: B

Question No: 27

Oracle MAF offers a number of distinct login connection types, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. You need to pick the best connection type for an application you are building. The security requirements for the application, obtained from the business analyst, are:

->The mobile application must be password-protected.

->The mobile application must let users log in even if there is no network connection.

->The mobile application must perform access control based on roles and privileges.

->The mobile application should let users login with their Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter account.

Given that your organization has already implemented Oracle Access Manager and wishes to reduce the development effort, which login connection type should you choose?

  1. HTTP Basic

  2. Mobile-Social

  3. OAuth

  4. OpenID

  5. SAML

  6. Web SSO

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 28

Service mediation is defined as a(n) .

  1. architecture that mediates between the service consumers and one or more service providers in a manner that loosely couples location, interface, data, and security

  2. technique that loosely couples programming languages

  3. methodology for mediating between interfaces and concrete instances

  4. product that automatically provides for abstraction between service consumers and service providers

Answer: B


Question No: 29

You are developing the UI pages of your Oracle MAF application and you want the pages to be cross platform-compatible and future-proof from changes to support the updated platforms.

Which is the best content type choice for developing your UI pages in MAF?

  1. Local HTML

  2. Local AMX

  3. Remote URL

  4. Page Fragment

Answer: B

Question No: 30

How do the AMX components react at run time?

  1. They render all the UI using native UI components for each platform.

  2. They render the user interface using mostly HTML5 and JavaScript code rendered in the WebView.

  3. They use Java UI components (JavaFX) to render the interface.

  4. They use ADF Faces components to render the UI on the mobile device.

Answer: B

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