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Oracle Mobile Development 2015 Essentials

Question No: 31

Identify the three common tasks required on the back end to support a mobile application.

  1. Service-enable existing systems to support a REST interface.

  2. Rearchitectall existing systems to support mobile apps.

  3. Ensure that the REST services for existing systems handle necessary security protocols.

  4. Plan to secure your REST services as needed.

  5. Rearchitectyour current security strategy for your entire enterprise.

Answer: A,C,D

Question No: 32

Which two methods allow you to update a MAF application without reinstalling the application?

  1. Use the standard customization mechanism provided by JDeveloper and Oracle Metadata Service (MDS) to customize AMX application feature artifacts and metadata files.

  2. Use the Configuration Service to configure the end points used by the web services and loginconnections accessed by the MAF application.

  3. Configure the MAF application to accept pushnotifications sent over the Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) and GoogleCloud Messaging (GCM) by the Configuration Service.

  4. Create a new MAF application from an existing one by first packaging the original MAF application as a Mobile Application Archive (.maa) file and then, by deriving a new mobile application from this file.

  5. Retrieve an URL from the end user through the user interface and callAdfmfJavaUtilities.overrideConnectionPropertyto update the end point for a connection.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 33

You have built a MAF application to manage service calls. The end users are company employees that are deployed in the field and they must document the work they perform. To do this, they must take high-resolution pictures of the equipment before and after repairs.

Which two strategies should you use to ensure that the application is optimized for performance while keeping the memory usage at a reasonable level?

  1. Store the picturesin the local SQLite database or on the file system and transmit them to the server by starting a background thread only when a wi-fi network connection is available.

  2. Transmit each picture right away over a cellular data connection and inform the user of the transfer’s progress through visual indicators.

  3. Always bind AMX pages directly to the Web Service DataControl and never invoke web services through a POJO Data Control.

  4. Perform batch inserts or updates to the local SQLite database in multiple concurrent threads.

  5. Use RESTFul web services and the JSON data format instead of SOAP/XML web services to communicate with the back end.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 34

Which are two benefits of MAF data controls?

  1. At design time, JDeveloper automatically creates and wires up UI components to the data control bindings with little developer effort.

  2. Data controls create an abstraction from the underlying implementation of the data source, freeing UI developers to focus on building the mobile front end.

  3. Data controls are dynamic in nature such that, if the data control model changes, developers do not need to update the UI.

  4. Data controls in MAF provide declarative fine-grained security access control to the underlying data.

  5. SOAP, REST, POJO, ADF Business Components, and EJB data controls are supported in MAF.

Answer: D,E

Question No: 35

Which three options are available in Oracle MAF to access the device camera?

  1. REST services

  2. Device Features Data Control

  3. Java API

  4. JavaScript API

  5. Xcode API

  6. PhoneGap API

Answer: B,C,E

Question No: 36

Identify two use cases that require Java access to a SOAP data control.

  1. client-side caching of data queried from a SOAP service

  2. exposing SOAP header information for edit

  3. adding web service security

  4. mapping a SAOP payload to a custom data object structure on the client side.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 37

You are maintaining an MAF application thathas four features. You receivea request to add navigation to the default feature of your MAF application in one of the other features.

How will you implement this navigation?

  1. Use a taskflow navigation toparentTaskFlow.

  2. Use the_backaction in a button on your AMX page.

  3. UseAdfmfContainerUtilities.gotoDefaultFeaturein managed bean code.

  4. UseAdfmfJavaUtilities.findFeatureByIdin managed bean code.

Answer: D

Question No: 38

In your MAF design, you have defined a “checkout” feature based on a task flow where customers place items into their shopping basket and, at the end of task flow, either

purchase the items in the shopping cart or cancel the order. The items in the shopping cart are persisted in a managed bean.

Which single bean scope is the right option for the shopping cart managed bean?

  1. applicationScope

  2. backingBeanScope

  3. pageFlowScope

  4. requestScope

  5. sessionScope

  6. viewScope

Answer: C Explanation:

Mobile Application Framework variables and managed bean references are defined within different object scopes that determine the variable#39;s lifetime and visibility. MAF supports the following scopes, listed in order of decreasing visibility:

->Application scope-The object is available for the duration of the application (across features).

->Page flow scope-The object is available for the duration of a feature (single

feature boundary).

->View scope-The object is available for the duration of the view (single page of a feature).

Object scopes are analogous to global and local variable scopes in programming languages. The wider the scope, the higher the availability of an object. During their lifespan, these objects may expose certain interfaces, hold information, or pass variables and parameters to other objects. For example, a managed bean defined in application scope will be available for use during multiple page requests for the duration of the application. However, a managed bean defined in view scope will be available only for the duration of one page request within a feature.

Question No: 39

Which two approaches can you use to define a managed bean in MAF?

  1. Add annotation injection in the Java class.

  2. Define it in a taskflow’s XML definition file.

  3. Define it in theadfc-mobile-config.xmlfile.

  4. It does not need to be defined ahead of time because you can call it in your code.

Answer: C,D Reference:http://docs.oracle.com/middleware/mobile200/mobile/develop/maf-ui-get- started.htm

Question No: 40

In defining anURL scheme for a MAF application, what can the URL payload carry at run time when the event listener captures the URL scheme call?

  1. Only the URL scheme name might be carried. No other URL is valid. For example, it might carry:


  2. The URL scheme name and optionally ahierarchicalpart might be carried. No other URL is valid. For example, it might carry:

    myapp:// myapp://doSomething

  3. The URL scheme name and optionally ahierarchicalpart might be carried along with an optional single parameter key-value pair. For example, it might carry:

    myapp:// myapp://doSomething


  4. The URL scheme name might be carried along with an optional hierarchical part and multiple parameter key-value pairs. No other URL is valid. For example, it might carry: myapp://

myapp://doSomething myapp://doSomething?value1=123 myapp://doSomething?value1=123amp;value2=true

Answer: A

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