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Oracle Data Integrator 12cEssentials

Question No: 11

Which are the two correct statements about Work repositories?(Choose two.)

  1. They contain project and security information.

  2. They contain data models and execution information.

  3. They contain data and security information.

  4. They contain data models and project information.

Answer: D Explanation:


Question No: 12

Identify three capabilities of load plans. (Choose three.)

  1. restart from failed tasks

  2. exception handling

  3. native support for parallelism

  4. support for Open Tools

  5. restart of an agent

Answer: A,B,C Explanation:


This link says “restartability” as one of options, so it can be either A or E, most likely its A

Question No: 13

Which two statements are true about ODI web-based components?(Choose two.)

  1. ODI Console allows administrators to edit users’ information.

  2. Enterprise Manager Cloud Control provides access to ODI data servers’ settings.

  3. ODI sessions can be monitored in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.

  4. ODI Console provides access to project and mapping details.

Answer: A,D

Explanation: (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/data- integrator/overview/oracledi-architecture-1-129425.pdf)

Question No: 14

How does the data flow when moving records between two servers by using Database Links and an Agent installed on a middle-tier server?(Choose the best answer.)

  1. from the source database into flat files that are then loaded into the target database

  2. directly from the source database to the target database

  3. from the source database onto the server running the Agent and then into the target database

  4. from the source database into the machine running ODI Studio and then into the target database

Answer: B

Explanation: (https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/1213/odi/ODIUN.pdfpage 2-3)

Question No: 15

You need totroubleshoot the execution of a Mapping and visualize the data contained in the ODI Staging tableswhile the Mapping is being executed. How must you proceed?(Choose the best answer.)

  1. Start a Mapping in Debug mode and use breakpoints and the Get Data featureto query the data contained in the Staging tables.

  2. Modifya Knowledge Module to dump the Staging tables’ data into log files for review.

  3. Use variables in a Package to query the Staging tablesand evaluate the variable values.

  4. Reverse engineer the Staging tables in a Modeland review the data contained in it.

Answer: D

Explanation: (https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/1212/odi/ODIKD/rkm.htm#ODIKD909)

Question No: 16

A Mapping that uses CDC does not load any source data and you want to check theSNP_CDC_SETtableto find out the current window ID.

In which database schema must you look to find this table?(Choose the best answer.)

  1. the schema hosting the Work repository

  2. the schema hosting theWork schema of the default schema defined for your source data server

  3. the schema hosting the Staging Area

  4. SYS

Answer: B

Explanation: (http://www.ateam-oracle.com/understanding-the-odi-jkms-and-how-they- work-with-oracle-goldengate/ )

Question No: 17

The workflow you are designing requires checking to see whether there are records available in a source table before doing anything. Which ODI tool must you use to implement this?(Choose the best answer.)

  1. OdiWaitForData

  2. OdiWaitForCDCData

  3. OdiWaitForLogData

  4. OdiWaitForTable

Answer: A Explanation:


Question No: 18

Identify the name of the default WebLogic data source created for the Master Repository when setting up a JEE domain.(Choose the best answer.)

  1. odiMasterRepository

  2. MasterRepository

  3. odimasterrepository

  4. ODIMasterRepository

Answer: A Explanation:


Question No: 19

As part of your QA process you want to view code at the Step level in Operator. How must you proceed?(Choose the best answer.)

  1. It is only possible to see code at the Session level.

  2. It is only possible to view code at the Task level.

  3. Depending on the audit level declared when running the execution, some of the generated code at the step level can be viewed.

  4. All generated code can be viewed together at the step level, with a complete list of executed code.

Answer: A Explanation:


Question No: 20

You are designing a package in which you want a certain step to not appear in the ODI logs. How do you accomplish this?(Choose the best answer.)

  1. Right-click the step in Package Editor and select the No Logging menu item.

  2. Modify Operator Navigator settings to disable that step from being displayed.

  3. In Package Editor, click the step, go to the Advanced tab, and set Log Steps in the journal to Never.

  4. Periodically schedule a scenario that usesOdiPurgeLogto remove that step from the ODI


Answer: C

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