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Oracle Retail Merchandising System 13.2 Foundation Functional Implementer Essentials

Question No: 21

You have an area within one of your warehouses dedicated to minor product repairs and re-ticketing. How should this type of area be represented in RMS?

  1. Protected virtual warehouse

  2. External finisher

  3. Internal finisher

  4. Restricted virtual warehouse

  5. Non-replenishment warehouse

Answer: C Explanation:


https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E12448_01/rms/pdf/132/rms-132-ug.pdfPage: 10-69

Question No: 22

Which statement describes how item aggregate flags are used?

  1. The item aggregate flags are used to determine how data is rolled up when sending it to a financial system.

  2. The item aggregate flags are used to identify which differentiators are used to roll up data for planning and allocation.

  3. The item aggregate flags are used to indicate that this item can be combined with other items in a pack.

  4. The item aggregate flags are used to indicate the top level of the item hierarchy.

Answer: B

Question No: 23

Which statement describes how transfer entities are used in RMS?

  1. To identify which locations can be included on a store-to-store transfer

  2. To restrict between which locations store-to-store transfers can be created

  3. To define which locations are mapped to different partitions in the General Ledger

  4. To define the legal entities within a company, such that transfers between entities result in a sale and purchase

Answer: D Explanation: References:

https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E12448_01/rms/pdf/132/rms-132-ug.pdfPage: 10-46

Question No: 24

Complex non-deposit packs could be used for which two situations?

  1. For defining fashion prepacks

  2. For packs that will be replenished

  3. As an alternative way to define the supplier case pack

  4. For orderable packs that contain a single item.

  5. For packs that will contain a pack as a component

Answer: A,B

Question No: 25

Which two applications are considered part of Merchandise Operations Management (MOM)?

  1. RMS

  2. OTM

  3. MFP

  4. ReIM

  5. ORPOS

Answer: A,D

Question No: 26

Which statement is true about multiple set of books functionally in RMS?

  1. One or more org units belong to a single set of books.

  2. One or more set of books belong to a single org unit

  3. One or more transfer entities belong to a single set of books

  4. One or more regions belong to a single set of books

Answer: A



https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E12448_01/rms/pdf/13021/rms-13021-ug.pdfPage: 802

Question No: 27

A new tax law is passed that will result in higher import costs for a group of stores that are currently located in a single cost zone, resulting in the creation of a new cost zone and those stores being moved to the new cost zone. This causes what process to occur?

  1. Supplier cost is recalculated for open POs.

  2. Future Cost is recalculated.

  3. Deals for the impacted stores are updated.

  4. A supplier cost change is initiated.

Answer: B

Question No: 28

What would you do to indicate a difference between two locations, such that moving inventory between the two locations results in a sale and a purchase?

  1. Assign different org units to the two locations.

  2. Assign different transfer entities to the two locations.

  3. Assign different transfer zones to the two locations.

  4. Assign different channels to the two locations.

Answer: B Explanation: References:


Question No: 29

Based on new legal requirements, you need to add a new item attribute to indicate whether recycling is required for a product, and the attribute must be associated with all electronics. In order to do this, you have decided to use a required UDA. What two steps are needed to set this up in RMS?

  1. Use mass change functionality to ensure that the UDA exists for all items in the subclass.

  2. Specify a default to the UDA at the subclass level.

  3. Run the item list rebuild batch process to ensure that all items with this UDA are included.

  4. Add the UDA as required to the subclasses that must have this attribute.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 30

Which two statements are true about static location lists?

  1. Static location lists can only be rebuilt manually.

  2. Static location lists cannot be created using criteria.

  3. Static location lists cannot be rebuilt during the batch process.

  4. Static location lists can be created using specific locations.

Answer: A,C

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