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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Essentials

Question No: 11

Which statement is true about Oracle Enterprise Manager?

  1. It enables users to provision Java EE applications (EAR and WAR files) across WebLogic Server domains.

  2. It enables users to provision APEX applications across WebLogic domains.

  3. It enables users to provision PL/SQL applications across WebLogic Servers domains.

  4. It enables users to provision Java EE applications (EAR and WAR files), but not across a WebLogic Server domain.

Answer: A

Explanation: In order to manage Java EE applications across domains, Oracle Enterprise Manager includes

the ability to store Java EE applications (i.e. ear and war files) within the software library which

can include multiple versions of these applications for quick deployments to multiple domains

across your enterprise or cloud simultaneously.


Organizations have to be agile in order to compete globally and adapt to changes in business

and technology. To achieve this objective, many large IT organizations have implemented flexible integration solutions that include Java EE application servers such as Oracle WebLogic

Server and Fusion Middleware technologies.

Reference:Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c:Managing Oracle WebLogic Server with Enterprise Manager

Question No: 12

When Oracle Enterprise manager is integrated with My Oracle Support, what are the three capabilities that can be performed?

  1. Assigning incidents to the IT staff for problem resolution

  2. Monitoring, updating, and creating service requests

  3. Comparing the patches installed in your configuration with What Oracle recommends

  4. Integrating with the external ticketing system and viewing the status of the help desk tickets opened Oracle Enterprise Manager

  5. Viewing the current patch recommendations from Oracle in Oracle Enterprise Manager’s Patch Recommendation

Answer: B,C,E

Explanation: B:With Enterprise Manager 11g’s integration into My Oracle Support, from a single

console the system administrator can now enable a personalized support experience

along with managing their IT environments. This integration provides full access to the features of My Oracle Support, including simplification of service request submission, configuration information view, Knowledge Management articles, Patch Advice, along with the rich suite of System Management features provided by Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g. This integration simplifies and expedites the resolution process by allowing the customer to go from identification of a problem to resolution such as downloading, validating and applying a patch, all from a single console and workflow. Users also benefit from the social community capabilities allowing customers to validate results with other customers and understand how many other customers have downloaded a specific patch.

E: Patch recommendations

In this page only the recommended security Patches are displayed. As you can see the are related to a specific database in your Environment.


*Through integration with My Oracle Support, Oracle Enterprise Manager enables the customer to personalize and simplify their Support experience. This integration provides a unique community experience allowing administrators to share experiences with their peers at other companies and receive proactive fixes for unforeseen IT issues, expedite problem resolution and automate patching workflows expediting maintenance operations such as patching of applications across their IT environment. This integration of Systems Management and personalized Support provides our customers a key differentiator and advantage over their competitors, and can only be delivered by Oracle.

Question No: 13

Which would you use for Composite Monitor and Modeler functionality?

  1. Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Middleware

  2. Configuration Management Pack for Oracle Middleware

  3. SOA Management Pack EE

  4. Database Configuration Management Pack

Answer: C

Explanation: These new Management Packs and enhancements enable customers to

better understand the impact of changes in their application infrastructure; quickly pinpoint the cause of performance bottlenecks; accurately report on service levels and anticipate capacity and tuning requirements.

Based on its model-driven approach, Oracle#39;s Composite Application Monitor and Modeler enhances Oracle Enterprise Manager#39;s unique top down approach by providing a comprehensive and contextual way to drill-down and navigate from top-level Portal and SOA components into the underlying components that support those composite services, through:

Automatic discovery and modelling of SOA, Portal, and Java EE application components and their dependencies;

Modelling of transactions, flows, portal desktops, and business processes;

Detection and isolation of performance issues across composite/SOA applications; and, Monitoring and reporting of service performance in the context of actual usage.

Question No: 14

In Oracle Enterprise Manager, what would you use for a job that you want to save and use again later?

  1. The job Repository

  2. The Job Scheduler

  3. The Job Library

  4. The Job Activity Service

  5. The Job Reuse Template

Answer: C

Explanation: Once you have defined jobs, you can save these jobs to the Job Library. Use the Library as a repository for frequently used jobs. Analogous to active jobs, you can grant View or Full access to specific administrators.

In addition, you can use the Job Library to store:

Basic definitions of jobs then add targets and other custom settings before submitting the job

Jobs for your own reuse or to share with others. You can share jobs using views or giving full access to the jobs.


Not A:New in Oracle Reports 11g Release 2 (11.1.2) is the database-based shared job repository, which provides the ability to display a consolidated view of job queues using Oracle Enterprise Manager

Question No: 15

What three items can Service Availability be based on With Oracle Enterprise Manager?

  1. TCP/IP ping

  2. Service Test

  3. Synthetic transaction

  4. Components of system

  5. Database latency

Answer: B,C,D

Explanation: B, D:Setting up the availability definition for the service. This can be service test-based or system-based. If you select service test, the service#39;s availability is based on the execution of the service test by the one or more key beacons. If availability is based on system, availability is based on the status of one or more key components of the system.

C:The synthetic transactions provide a direct means of measuring the real end user experience for the various business services. This way of modelling the business services through the execution of synthetic transition provides a consumer perspective of the service availability and performance.

Reference: OracleEnterprise Manager Cloud Control Administrator#39;s Guide

Question No: 16

Which three activities can you perform by utilizing the monitoring templates in Oracle Enterprise Manager?

  1. Apply standardized monitoring settings across managed targets.

  2. Create once, and then apply monitoring and policy settings as needed.

  3. Apply a template only to targets of the same type.

  4. Clone templates across VMs.

  5. Export templates directly to tape.

Answer: A,B,C

Explanation: Monitoring templates simplify the task of standardizing monitoring settings across your enterprise by allowing you to specify the monitoring settings once and apply them to your monitored targets. This makes it easy for you to apply specific monitoring settings to specificclasses of targets throughout your enterprise. For example, you can define one monitoring template for test databases and another monitoring template for production databases.

Reference:Oracle Enterprise Manager Administration,Monitoring Templates

Question No: 17

Which two privilege delegation types are supported by Oracle Enterprise Manager?

  1. Sudo

  2. DBrun

  3. Powerbroker

  4. Privilege Manager

  5. Group Policy Manager

  6. Persona_create

Answer: A,C

Explanation: If you do not have access to either Oracle account or root account, then you can use SUDO or PowerBroker access to switch users to perform the tasks, this is called Privilege Delegation. Privilege Delegation is a framework that allows you to use either SUDO or PowerBroker to perform an activity with the privileges of another user (locked accounts).

Question No: 18

You are responsible for a mass development of the management agent. Which is the function you access through the Enterprise Manager console for this purpose?

  1. Agent Download

  2. Agent Deploy

  3. Clone Agent

  4. nfsAgentInstall

Answer: D

Explanation: You can use the nfsagentinstall script to install Oracle Management Agents (Management Agent) with the help of a central, shared Oracle home of an existing Management Agent.


If you want to install additional Management Agents on hosts that share a mounted drive where a Management Agent is already installed, then the best option is to use the software binaries of the shared Oracle home from the mounted drive and configure the remote hosts to be managed by that Management Agent, thus capitalizing on the NFS visibility and saving hard disk space on the remote hosts. You can achieve this in GUI as well as in silent mode.

While the Shared Agent Deployment Wizard helps you install such Management Agents in GUI mode, the nfsagentinstall script helps you install in silent mode.

Much like the Shared Agent Deployment Wizard, the nfsagentinstall uses the software binaries from the shared Oracle home, and configures an EMSTATE directory on each of the remote destination hosts for storing configuration files such as emd.properties, targets.xml, log files, and so on.

Reference:Installing Oracle Management Agent Using Shared Oracle Home Using nfsagentinstall Script

Question No: 19

What are three message content and context search examples for transaction that can be performed with Oracle Enterprise Manager Transaction Management?

  1. By customer ID

  2. By input ID

  3. By message rejection

  4. By time of arrival

  5. By message type

Answer: A,D,E

Explanation: Providing a complete end to end solution, Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g introduces

Business Transaction Management (BTM) which provides sophisticated instrumentation for real-time detection, alerting, and remediation of various types of unexpected business or technical conditions. Using BTM, application support personnel can search transactions based on message content and context-such as time of arrival(D), message type(E), or client credentials(A)-to narrow-down the root cause.

Question No: 20

Which three statements are true for Oracle Enterprise Manager snapshots and baselines?

  1. Oracle Enterprise Manager is the interface managing baseline and baseline templates.

  2. Oracle Enterprise Manager is the interface managing snapshots and snapshot templates.

  3. Oracle Enterprise Manager can view but no edit the threshold settings for baseline metrics.

  4. Oracle Enterprise Manager, by default, deletes baselines on a rolling seven-day interval.

  5. You can specify and preserve a pair or a range ofsnapshotas abaselinewith Oracle Enterprise Manager.

  6. You can specify and preserve a pair or a range of baseline as a snapshot with Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Answer: A,C,E

Explanation: A:You can also create baselines for a contiguous time period in the future using baseline templates. There are two types of baseline templates: single and repeating. E: (not F):A baseline is a pair of snapshots that represents a specific period of usage(not F). Once baselines are defined they can be used to compare current performance against similar periods in the past.

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