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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Essentials

Question No: 21

In Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, which four conditions can cause Agent Status to be displayed as unreachable in the console?

  1. Agent is running but is unable to upload files.

  2. Agent is not configured for HTTPS and Oracle Management Service (OMS) is locked to only accept HTTPS communications.

  3. Agent is unable to connect to Oracle Integration Server.

  4. Agent has not been registered with the name server.

  5. Agent is not running.

  6. Agent cannot resolve the Oracle Management Service (OMS) host name.

Answer: A,B,E,F

Explanation: A,E:Make sure that the agent on quot;DEVBOXquot; is running and can upload to the OMS.

Question No: 22

A customer is considering purchase of an Oracle Enterprise Application. Identify three Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Management Suites that can be utilized for management of Oracle application.

  1. Application management Suite for Oracle Financials

  2. Application management Suite for Oracle Siebel

  3. Application management Suite for Oracle PeopleSoft

  4. Application management Suite for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

  5. Application management Suite for Oracle Middleware

  6. Application management Suite for Oracle FLEXCUBE

Answer: B,C,D

Explanation: Application Management Suites are available for the following Oracle Applications:

E-Business Suite Siebel


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Fusion Applications

Question No: 23

What can the Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center firmware profile do?

  1. Filter based on system type

  2. Provide rolling upgrade capability

  3. Modify firmware settings

  4. Aggregate firmware images

Answer: C

Explanation: Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center uses firmware profiles to provision, or update

firmware on an asset.

Reference:Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center,Keeping Your Firmware Up-to-Date

Question No: 24

Which three virtualization technologies can be managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center?

  1. Oracle Solaris Containers

  2. Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  3. Oracle VM Server for SPARC

  4. Oracle VM Server for X86

  5. Oracle VM VirtualBox

Answer: A,C,D

Explanation: Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c manages the lifecycle of Oracle Solaris Containers and Oracle VM Server for both X86 and SPARC.

A: *Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center

12c displays Oracle Solaris Containers and Oracle VM for SPARC and x86 virtual machines in a concise manner helping to identify the over subscription of resources.

C:Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, you can provision Oracle VM Server for SPARC.

D:The integration of Oracle VM Server for x86 with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center provides the capability to manage Oracle VM Servers and Oracle VM Manager through Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center UI.

Reference:Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c, Oracle Data sheet

Question No: 25

Oracle Enterprise ManagerGroups enable users to .

  1. Send email notifications based on Repeat Frequency

  2. Specify monitoring and policy settings once and apply them as often as needed

  3. Group only homogeneous targets

  4. View the summary status of the targets within the group

Answer: B

Explanation: *Enterprise Manager Groups enable administrators to logically organize distributed targets for efficient and effective management and monitoring

*By combining targets in a group, Enterprise Manager provides management features that enable you to efficiently manage these targets as one group. Using the Group functionality, you can:

/View a summary status of the targets within the group.

/Monitor incidents for the group collectively, rather than individually.

/Monitor the overall performance of the group.

/Perform administrative tasks, such as scheduling jobs for the entire group, or blacking out the group for maintenance periods.

Reference: OracleEnterprise Manager Cloud Control Administrator#39;s Guide,Managing Groups

Question No: 26

When you set up OracleEnterpriseManager Real Enterprise manager Real user Experience Insight (RUEI), what is needed to establish monitoring of SSL-encrypted HTTP traffic?

  1. Monitoring of SSL traffic is not supported by RUEI.

  2. Installation of an SSL decryption card is required in the RUEI server.

  3. A copy of the SSL key and certificate needs to be uploaded to RUEI.

  4. RUEI should negotiate a private SSL key/certificate pair with each web server.

Answer: C

Explanation: Adding/Uploading HTTP SSL Keys

Uploading SSL keys to the system is extremely important if most of your HTTP traffic is based on SSL sessions. Without the SSL keys being available to the system, the Collector will not be able to decrypt the SSL session traffic. In these circumstances, further configuration of cookies, user identification, and application pages would make little sense. Ensure that you upload and activate your HTTPS SSL keys as early on as possible in the configuration process. The management of SSL keys is fully described in the Oracle Real User Experience Insight User Guide.

Reference:Oracle Real User Experience Insight Installation Guide,Configuring RUEI

Question No: 27

Which Oracle Enterprise Manager Pack includes deployment procedures?

  1. Configuration Management

  2. Configuration Pack for Middleware

  3. Database Lifecycle Management Pack

  4. Diagnostics Pack for Non-Oracle Middleware

Answer: C

Explanation: Database Lifecycle Management Pack comes with out-of-box Deployment Procedures to

provision and patch the Oracle Database (both Single Instance Database and RAC) including

the underlying infrastructure. Enterprise Manager supports segregation of duties, so that a Designer can create the provisioning and patching workflows while an Operator can simply deploy the databases using those workflows.

Question No: 28

Identify three for Oracle Enterprise manager that have Configuration Change Control functionality?

  1. Application management Pack

  2. Database Lifecycle Management Pack

  3. WebLogic Management Pack

  4. Real User Experience Insight Pack

  5. Data Masking Pack

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 29

Identify three unique capabilities of the Oracle Enterprise manager Application Management Pack for Fusion Applications.

  1. Captures technical configuration and topology information that is specific to Oracle Fusion Applications

  2. Organizes and displays data by the Oracle Fusion Applications product

  3. Captures functional usage heuristics and histograms related to Oracle Fusion Applications

  4. Executes testing scripts for Oracle Applications

  5. Organizes and displays data by family of Oracle Fusion Applications

Answer: B,C,E

Explanation: *Fusions Apps user session diagnostics and full session replay

*Fusion Apps user flow tracking, including transaction abandonment analysis

*Customizable dashboards per application, user group segmented

*Data warehouse integration, OLAP-based reporting

*KPI to data store correlation analyses

*Integrated problem diagnostics and impact analyses

*Capture true user sessions as a source for QA testing via Oracle Application Testing Suite and/or

Question No: 30

For which three scenarios can Oracle Enterprise Manager Silent Mode installation be utilized?

  1. Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager using a new database

  2. Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager with Oracle Replication

  3. Installing an additional Oracle Management Service

  4. Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager plug-ins

  5. Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager using an existing database

Answer: A,C,D,E

Explanation: You can perform the following in silent mode:

  • (A)Installing Enterprise Manager Grid Control Using a New Database

  • ( E)Installing Enterprise Manager Grid Control Using an Existing Database

  • (C)Installing Additional Management Service

  • Installing Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Release 5 ( Using Existing Oracle Database 11g

    Installing Additional Management Service Using Existing Oracle Database 11g


    *Silent-mode installation is a noninteractive method of installing your software that requires the use of an XML properties file for selecting installation options. You can run silent-mode installation in either of two ways: as part of a script or from the command line. Silent-mode installation is a way of setting installation configurations only once and then using those configurations to duplicate the installation on many computers.

    Reference:Installing Enterprise Manager Grid Control

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