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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Essentials

Question No: 31

The Connector Framework for Oracle Enterprise Manager resides on .

  1. Oracle Management Service (OMS)

  2. Oracle Fusion Applications

  3. Grid Control Console

  4. Memory Access Module

Answer: A

Explanation: The Connector Framework is installed to the OMS home. The

$ORACLE_HOME in the procedure below refers to the OMS home.


To download and install the Connector Framework, do the following:

->Download the Connector Framework installable files from OTN by clicking Downloads, then Enterprise Manager.

->Stop OMS by running:

$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl stopall

->Start the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) by running the following command: For Linux or Unix:

$ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin/runInstaller For Windows:


->When prompted by OUI, locate products.xml in the installation source directory: connectors/framework/

->Follow the instructions in the OUI screens.

->Access the Enterprise Manager web console from one of the following URLs: http://server:port/em/connector/ManagementService


Reference:Oracle Enterprise Manager Connector Framework Release Notes.Installing the Connector Framework

Question No: 32

What two prerequisites actions must a user perform to create Virtual Database (VDC) in Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center?

  1. Associate a network domain with Server Pools

  2. Associate a public cNet with Server Pools.

  3. Create one or more Server Pools.

  4. Create one or more accounts.

  5. Create one or more vServer types.

Answer: C,D

Explanation: The following procedures describe the steps to create a vDC:

*Discover Oracle VM Server for x86

*Set up the Network

  • (C)Set up the Server Pool

    *Set up the Storage

    *Create a Virtual Datacenter

  • (D)Create an Account

    *Create and Assign Cloud User to Accounts

    *Cloud User View and Actions

    D:To deploy Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud platform service, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center provides the vDC Management feature. You must have the

    Cloud Administrator role to set up the infrastructure and create virtual datacenters in your enterprise. The physical resources allocated to a vDC are entitled to accounts as virtual resources under quotas set by the cloud administrator. Accounts provide the required capabilities to manage the allocated resources. For each vDC, create accounts that serve as a container for virtual resources. The allocated resources of vDC are entitled to accounts, and the accounts are in turn entitled to cloud users. A cloud user uses the allocated resources to deploy, and manage the applications.

    Reference:Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center,Configuring a Virtual Datacenter

    Question No: 33

    Which Oracle Enterprise manager Ops Center capability is used by the High Availability capability for proxy controllers?

    1. Generating alerts and incidents if assets are no longer reachable

    2. Moving assets from one proxy controller to another

    3. Switching between agent and Agentless management access

    4. Upgrading agent controllers to the most recent version

    5. Patching the asset to the most recent version

    Answer: B

    Explanation: For the Enterprise Manager Ops Center environment, high availability applies only to the Enterprise Controller and its co-located Proxy Controller. To avoid a single point of failure in the Enterprise Manager Ops Center software, transfer the

    /var/opt/sun/xvm directory structure manually from the primary Enterprise Controller to a secondary Enterprise Controller. The secondary Enterprise Controller duplicates the primary Enterprise Controller#39;s configuration and takes over much of the primary Enterprise Controller#39;s identity, including its host name, its IP addresses, its ssh keys, and its role.

    Only one Enterprise Controller, either primary or secondary, can be operational at any time.

    Reference: OracleEnterprise Manager Ops Center Site Preparation Guide,High Availability for the Enterprise Controller

    Question No: 34

    Identify the hierarchy that the Oracle Enterprise Manager Compliance Framework is composed of.

    1. Compliance Framework, Compliance Standards, Compliance Standard Rules, and real- time Monitoring Facts

    2. Compliance Framework, Compliance Plans, Compliance Standard Rules, and Compliance Monitoring

    3. Compliance Framework, Compliance Blueprints, Compliance Rule Sets, and

      Compliance Monitor

    4. Compliance Framework, Compliance Rule Builder, Compliance RuleDeployer, , and Compliance Monitor

    Answer: A

    Explanation: *A compliance framework maps to a set of compliance standards that perform a collection of checks following broadly accepted best practices to ensure that IT infrastructure, applications, business services and processes are organized, configured, managed, and monitored correctly.

    *A compliance standard refers to one or more compliance standard rules.

    Note: A compliance framework can be used to represent a framework such as Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT) or Payment Card Industry (PCI). Acompliance framework is an industry-specified best practices guideline that deals with the underlying IT infrastructure, applications, business services and processes, and how they are organized, managed, and monitored. Compliance frameworks are hierarchical to allow for direct representation of these industry frameworks.

    Reference:OracleEnterprise Manager Cloud Control Extensibility Programmer#39;s Guide,Understanding Compliance Standards

    Question No: 35

    When you size the Oracle Enterprise manager management Service (OMS), what are the three key criteria that you need to keep in mind?

    1. Amount of jobs to dispatch

    2. Volume of notifications to send out

    3. Number of agents (including state and metric data) uploading information

    4. Volume of deployment procedures

    5. Amount of history kept in the repository

    Answer: B,C,E

    Explanation: Oracle Management Service is a Web-based application that orchestrates with the Management Agents and the Management Plug-ins to discover targets, monitor and manage those targets, and store the collected information in a repository for future reference and analysis. Oracle Management Service also renders the user interface for

    Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. Oracle Management Services is deployed to the Oracle middleware home (middleware home), which is the parent directory that contains the Oracle WebLogic Server home, the Oracle Management Service home, the Management Agent home, the plug-in home, the Java Development Kit (JDK), the Oracle Management Service instance base directory, the Oracle Web tier directory, the Oracle common directory, and other relevant configuration files and directories. While deploying the Oracle Management Service, the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Installation Wizard installs Oracle WebLogic Server if it does not already exist in your environment. As a result, an Oracle WebLogic Server administration console is also installed.

    Reference: OracleEnterprise Manager Cloud Control Introduction

    Question No: 36

    Which three steps are true in Enterprise manager Cloud Control’s Cloud infrastructure administration setup?

    1. Provision Bare metal, Hypervisor, or the underlying infrastructure software for Database as a Service and Platform as a Service.

    2. Configure assembly deployments.

    3. Request assembly deployments.

    4. Define zones based on functional and operational boundaries.

    5. Clone WebLogic Domains.

    Answer: A,C,D

    Explanation: New Administrator Roles in Clouds (IaaS)forCloudAdministrator:

  • (A)Provision bare metal hypervisor

    *Configure storage arrays and network (VLAN)

    *Create server pools

  • (D)Define zones based on functional and operational boundaries

*Configure software library


Database-as-a-service Deployment include

* (C) request database deployment.

Question No: 37

Which would you configure so that an Oracle Enterprise manager user has the ability to perform jobs without having to know specific credential information?

  1. A named credential

  2. A pseudo account

  3. A user job credential

  4. A named job

Answer: A

Explanation: A named credential is a users#39; authentication information on a system. A named credential can be a user name/password, a public key-private key pair, or an X509v3 certificate. An Enterprise Manager administrator can store these credentials as named entities in Enterprise Manager to use when performing operations like running jobs, patching, and other system management tasks. For example, you can store the user name and password that you want to use for patching as MyPatchingCreds. You can then later submit a patching job that uses MyPatchingCreds to patch the production databases.

Named Credentials can be created for the credential types in Enterprise Manager 12c. The most commonly used credential types for host and database target types are described in the following sections.

Question No: 38

Which usage is true when you utilize the HTTPS channel to set up secure communications for Oracle Enterprise manager?

  1. You use it for console access and agent data upload to Oracle management Service.

  2. You use it only for console access.

  3. You use it only for agent data upload to Oracle Management Service.

  4. You use it when you set up High Availability.

Answer: A

Explanation: * The emctl secure oms command provides immediate HTTPS browser

access to the Grid Control Console by using the secure Management Agent upload port.

* Only secure Management Agent installations that use the Management Service HTTPS channel are able to upload data to your Management Repository.

Reference:Enterprise Manager Security

Question No: 39

Which three activities can be performed with the Oracle Enterprise manager Groups functionality?

  1. Monitor outstanding alerts and policy violations as a group.

  2. Perform administrative tasks on a group.

  3. Monitor the overall performance of a group and view the performance summary of targets within the group.

  4. Monitor a group of LUNs used by a database for storage.

  5. Perform administration on a user group.

Answer: B,C,E

Explanation: C:An Administration Group is a special type of group designed to automatically deploy management settings (monitoring templates, compliance standards, cloud policies) to targets when they join the group. Administration Groups are created by defining their membership criteria based on target properties.


*The group home page continues to provide an overview of the status and health of members of the group and a central way to launch operations on the groups, such as submit jobs, start blackouts, and so forth.

Question No: 40

Which three abilities are supported by the hardware management function in Oracle Manager Ops Center?

  1. Updating the system firmware

  2. Configuring the Infiniband fabric

  3. discovering the network devices

  4. configuring the security devices

  5. updating firmware on third party storage

Answer: A,B,C Explanation: A:

*Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center uses firmware profiles to provision, or update firmware on an asset.

*Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center supports a wide variety of hardware resources. This release of Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center has been extended to support the firmware update of components such as RAID Controllers, Expanders, Disks and PDUs. You can now manage the firmware for a variety of hardware resources in

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center.

B:Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center supports Ethernet and InfiniBand network protocols.

C:In Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, networks become part of a network domain in the following ways:

An asset that has a network is discovered. A user creates a network.

A network is created when it is required. This is a dynamic network.

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