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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Essentials

Question No: 41

Which two Oracle Enterprise Manager functionalitiescan reuse the application-Specific user session recordings from Oracle Enterprise Manager Real user Experience Insight (RUEI)?

  1. Application Testing Suite

  2. Application Replay

  3. Application Workload Generator

  4. Configuration Management

  5. Compliance Management

Answer: B,D,E

Explanation: B:In order to capture Web application workloads, Application Replay uses Oracle Real User Experience Insight (RUEI).

D:You can install the Configuration Change Console (included in the Configuration Management Pack) if you want real-time configuration change monitoring. Real-time configuration monitoring means continuous detection, validation, and alerting of any configuration change that could be authorized or unauthorized.

Question No: 42

Which three practices are recommended for the Oracle Enterprise Manager Repository?

  1. For High Availability, Active Data Guard is recommended.

  2. For backup, RMAN is recommended.

  3. For clustering, Oracle RAC is recommended.

  4. For a standby and reporting archive, a MySQL database is recommended.

  5. For partitioning, enabling parallel query in INIT.ORA is recommended.

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 43

Identify two Cloud services, as defined by NIST, that Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control self service Portal supports.

  1. Infrastructure-as-a-Service

  2. Network-as-a-Service

  3. Platform-as-a-Service

  4. Software-as-a-Service

  5. Testing-as-a-Service

Answer: A,C

Explanation: The Self Service Console is a browser based web application that is available to tenants to provision, manage and maintain their applications/infrastructure, review

usage/quota, validate availability and chargeback information. This is available for Infrastructure

as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS). Platform as a Service can be further classified

into Java as a Service (JaaS) and Database as a Service (DaaS).


*National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

* NIST service models are:

/Software as a Service (SaaS).

/Platform as a Service (PaaS)

/Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Reference:Enterprise Manager 12c: The Nerve Center of Oracle Cloud

Question No: 44

Identify the sequence of steps that is needed to set up the virtualization infrastructure before you start monitoring and managing virtualization targets with Oracle Enterprise manager.

  1. Register OVM Manager and discover Oracle VM Server; set up the storage infrastructure; configure networks and VLAN groups; and create a virtual server pool.

  2. Register OVM manager and discover Oracle VM Server; configure networks and VLAN groups; set up the storage infrastructure; and create a zone.

  3. Configure networks and VLAN groups; create a virtual server pool; register OVM manager and discover Oracle VM Server; and set up the storage infrastructure.

  4. Configure the networks and VLAN group; set up the storage infrastructure; create a virtual server pool; and register OVM Manager and discover Oracle VM Server.

Answer: B Explanation:

*The Oracle VM Manager provides the user interface that allows you to create and manage zones, virtual server pools, virtual servers, and guest virtual machines. Before you use the Oracle VM Manager to manage virtualization targets in Enterprise Manager, you must register an existing installation of the Oracle VM Manager.

*A virtual server is a generic term used to describe a physical box which has virtualization software (hypervisor) running on it. A new virtual server can be provisioned by installing the OVM Hypervisor on a bare metal box. Before you add a virtual server to a server pool, it must be discovered.

*Setting Up Networks

You can define a name or an alias for each logical network. When you have created your networks, you connect the physical network ports on Oracle VM Servers to the logical networks. Before you define the logical networks in Enterprise Manager, you have to review your physical network configuration that you intend to use, such as VLAN and subnet usage. Setting up an Oracle VM network involves:

->Generating MAC Addresses

->Creating and configuring VLAN Groups

->Creating Networks

Question No: 45

What is the primary purpose of the Middleware Diagnostics Advisor (MDA) that is included in Oracle Enterprise Manager WebLogic Server management Pack Enterprise Edition/

  1. To provide configuration data reports and best practices.

  2. To provide root cause analysis and recommendations based on performance metrics and configuration data of the stack (WLS, JVM, application, database, and hosts)

  3. To correlate JVM threads with the underlying database tier to provide across-tier rrot cause analysis and to generate reports showing database usage related to the JVM

  4. To alert on Java memory leaks in WenLogic Server

Answer: B

Explanation: The Middleware Diagnostics Advisor analyzes the entire stack and provides diagnostic findings by identifying the root cause of a problem. It correlates and analyzes the input and offers advice on how to resolve the problem.

Reference:Managing Middleware Targets

Question No: 46

What feature of the Diagnostic Pack for Oracle Database collects statistics on all active

sessions and stores it in memory?

  1. Active Session History (ASH)

  2. Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)

  3. Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)

  4. Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

Answer: A

Explanation: Oracle introduced Active Session History (ASH) in Oracle Database 10g. ASH automatically collects session related wait information via the Oracle database kernel (thus reducing the impacts of the collection of this information). The information is first captured into a memory buffer that is of a fixed size and is allocated from the SGA fixed area when the database is started.

Question No: 47

Identify the application that is used to build and package applications as a set and that enables deployment by Oracle Enterprise manager.

  1. Oracle Virtual Application Builder

  2. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder

  3. Oracle Application Jesting Suite

  4. Oracle Real Application Testing

  5. Oracle Package Builder

Answer: B

Explanation: Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder makes it possible for administrators to quickly configure and provision entire multi-tier application

topologies onto virtualized and cloud environments. It provides a framework for capturing the configuration of existing software components and packaging them as self-contained building blocks known as appliances. These appliances can then be easily connected to form application blueprints known as assemblies. This innovative approach makes it practical for complex enterprise applications to easily be customized and provisioned in their entirety with minimal

to no manual intervention onto virtualized and cloud environments. Reference.ORACLE VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY BUILDER, Oracle Data Sheet

Question No: 48

The shared file system loader configuration on the Oracle Enterprise management Service is for .

  1. Auditing

  2. Security

  3. High availability

  4. High availability and security

Answer: C

Explanation: The Management Service for Grid Control has a high availability feature called the Shared Filesystem Loader. In the Shared Filesystem Loader, management data files received from Management Agents are stored temporarily on a common shared location called the shared receive directory. All Management Services are configured to use the same storage location for the shared receive directory. The Management Services coordinate internally and distribute among themselves the workload of uploading files into the Management Repository. Should a Management Service go down, its workload is taken up by surviving Management Services. You must choose a shared receive directory that is accessible by all the Management Services using redundant file storage.


Oracle strongly recommends you to configure a shared file system loader so that a common location is maintained to store all the metric data files uploaded by the Management Agents.

Question No: 49

How is Service Availability defined in Oracle Enterprise Manager?

  1. Based on System and Service Test

  2. Based on Service Status

  3. Based on Service and System Status

  4. Based on System Test and Service Status

Answer: A

Explanation: Setting up the availability definition for the service. This can be service test- based or system-based. If you select service test, the service#39;s availability is based on the execution of the service test by the one or more key beacons. If availability is based on system, availability is based on the status of one or more key components of the system.

Reference: OracleEnterprise Manager Cloud Control Administrator#39;s Guide

Question No: 50

What method does Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control use for automatic discovery?

  1. Ping

  2. Telnet

  3. NCMP

  4. ICMP

  5. Socket Connect

Answer: A

Explanation: Hosts are discoveringUnmanaged Hostsusing IP Scan. The IP Scan used ping.

Reference:Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Administrator#39;s Guide,Discovering and Monitoring Targets

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