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Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Certified Implementation Specialist

Question No: 21

What is the process that must be followed by a System Administrator to create a user in the Client?

  1. Create an email account to confirm access after User setup.

  2. Assign a Global Profile, Project Profile, and Responsible Manager.

  3. Request approval from the user#39;s manager before completing the profile.

  4. Assign a Role to the User before assigning security profiles.

Answer: B

Question No: 22

When is quot;Store Period Performancequot; usually performed?

  1. after each pay period

  2. after the schedule is updated

  3. after Job Services validation

  4. after working hours to enhance performance

Answer: A

Explanation: Storing of Period Performance

When billing in Excel (AIA form) or in the P6 schedule the current billing period amounts must be “rolled” or

moved to the Previously Billed or Actual Cost categories before starting a new billing period.

When the billing has been approved and finalized in the AIA form it can be copied to a new file for use in the

next billing period. To “roll” or clear out the This Period amounts in Excel, the current period amounts will

have to be added into the Previous Application column cells. This creates a starting point for the new billing


Question No: 23

What is the significance of the setting quot;Summarize project based on detailed activity resource assignmentsquot;?

  1. Summarized project data will reflect Top Down plans.

  2. Summarized project data will reflect Bottom Up plans.

  3. Summarized project data will reflect integrated Actuals.

  4. Summarized project data will be monetized.

Answer: B

Explanation: Use the Detail Activity Resource Assignments option for in-progress projects

when you want to review detailed activity-level summarized data, for example, for earned value reporting.

Note: You can specify several default values that will be used for activities when you create new projects.

One such setting is ‘Summarize Project Based on’.

‘Summarize Project Based on’ determines whether the Summarizer calculates and displays rolled-up data based on resource assignments at the activity or project level.

Reference: Set Project Default Options

http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17462_01/Web_Access/Help/en/Projects/Tasks/pm_p_setdefau lts.htm

Question No: 24

You are a Resource Manager making resource assignments in P6 EPPM Web Plan Resources view. You can clearly see that the changes have been made. You move to another section of P6 EPPM Web, and return to the Plan Resources view, only to find that your changes have not been retained. What is the likely cause of this problem?

  1. You selected over allocated resources for a project.

  2. You assigned resources to a project to which you did not have security access.

  3. You did not save before moving to the next screen, so changes were lost

  4. The project data has become corrupt and will need to be rebuilt.

Answer: C

Question No: 25

When viewing the Resource Usage Profile using the date interval of Week/Day1, resource allocation is being displayed only on Sundays for every resource being analyzed.

Why are all of the resource allocations being displayed on the same day of the week rather than across the days when they are scheduled to occur?

  1. All resources are assigned to the project#39;s default calendar, and have been over

    allocated to other projects.

  2. The resource calendar assigned to the resources was deleted by the System Administrator.

  3. On the General tab. In the Admin Preferences dialog box, the first day of the week field is set to Sunday.

  4. On the Resource Analysis tab, in the User Preferences dialog box, the quot;Interval for time- distributed resources calculationsquot; field is set to quot;week.quot;

Answer: C

Question No: 26

Select the true statement regarding Project level Security Profiles.

  1. Project Security Profiles define the weight of Project Codes.

  2. To access projects, a user must be defined in the Resource Hierarchy.

  3. Project Security Profiles override Global Security Profiles.

  4. To access projects, a user must be assigned a Project Security Profile.

Answer: D

Explanation: The Project Security profile determines what users can do within projects. This covers such things as creating or deleting projects, adding activities, deleting activities, saving a baseline, importing or exporting data and so on. This profile is assigned to users via the OBS, creating a very flexible way of controlling user’s project access across the system.

Reference: http://www.tensixconsulting.com/2012/07/global-and-project-security-profile- settings-in-primavera-p6/

Question No: 27

Select the true statement regarding Role proficiency.

  1. The numbers and values can be customized.

  2. User Defined Fields can be substituted for numbers and values.

  3. The numbers and values cannot be customized.

  4. Global Resource Codes can be substituted for numbers and values.

Answer: A Explanation:

Note: A resource skill level is a resource’s role proficiency

Question No: 28

The Open Requests for Resources portlet lists unstaffed assignments Involving Roles on the selected Role Team. Identify the two ways that the portlet display can be customized.

  1. Role by Project

  2. Role by Resource

  3. Project by Role

  4. Resource by Project

  5. Resource by Role

Answer: A,B Explanation: Note

  • To add the Open Requests for Resources to a Dashboard:

  • From the appropriate Dashboard, select Customize Check the Box for Open Requests for Resources

    Expand the information under the Open Requests for Resources

    Select the Radio Button for All Projects or Projects based on the Dashboard filter Select from the Drop-Down how to Organize the information

    Select the appropriate Role Team

    Select the appropriate Project Code (if applicable) Click Save

    Click on the Layout tab to select where on the screen the portlet will appear Click Save and Close

    *To assign Resources to Unstaffed Roles:

    From the Open Requests for Resources Portlet, select the appropriate Role

    A screen will appear displaying all activities for the Role that are unstaffed within the project Select the activities to assign the resource with a checkbox

    Click Assign Resources

    Select the appropriate resource and click Assign

    Reference: Activities and Assigned Roles in Primavera P6 for the Web http://www.simplexgroup.com/102/

    Question No: 29

    Identify the key benefit of Plan Resources View.

    1. You can create scenarios using waterline analysis.

    2. You can identify staffing shortfalls within detailed project plans.

    3. You can view and analyze resource allocation without assigning resources at the activity level

    4. You can view and assign resources mapped to appropriate Roles with highest skills.

    Answer: C Explanation:

    Note: You can delete a financial period that has high-level assignment planning values (as entered on the Plan Resources page of P6) as long as the financial period does not contain past period actuals. When you delete a financial period that has high-level assignment planning values, the values are deleted as well.

    Question No: 30

    The security profile determines a user#39;s access to application-wide information.

    1. Global

    2. Project

    3. WBS

    4. OBS

    Answer: A

    Explanation: A global security profile determines a user’s access to application-wide information and settings,

    such as resources, global codes, and the OBS. P6 requires that you assign a global


    profile to each user.

    Reference; P6 EPPM Administrator’s Guide, Defining Global Security Profiles in P6 EPPM

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