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Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Certified Implementation Specialist

Question No: 31

Calculated Project User Defined Fields _ and .

  1. are created by System Administrators

  2. are managed by Configuration Management

  3. are associated with formulas

  4. are viewable in either the Web or Client/Server

  5. are defined in the Web and only viewable in the Web

Answer: A,E Explanation:

C: See step 3 and 4 below.

Defining Formulas for User Defined Fields

Define formulas to calculate values for the user defined field.

Before defining a formula, you need to first create a project user defined field To define formulas for user defined fields:

  1. Click the Projects menu and select Enterprise Project Data, or click the Administer menu and select Enterprise Data.

  2. In the Enterprise Data pane, expand Projects and click Project UDFs.

  3. On the Project UDFs page, select a UDF and click the Formula detail window. Note: The UDF Type must be set to Formula to access the Formula detail window.

  4. In the Formula detail window:

    1. Click the Fields list and choose a field.

      Note: You can select any existing project-related field defined in the project management database, including project codes, or any other user defined field that exists for your organization.

    2. Click Insert Field.

    3. Continue to build your formula by inserting fields and using the operator buttons.

  5. Click Save (Ctrl S).

Reference; P6 EPPM User#39;s Guide, Defining Formulas for User Defined Fields

Question No: 32

You are in the dashboard section of Primavera P6 EPPM, in the Web interface. You would like data in the dashboard for one specific project. How would you make this happen?

  1. Go to the Projects section and open the project

  2. Go to the Portfolio section and filter by the project.

  3. Go to the Client and open the project.

  4. Go to the quot;filter byquot; option and select the project.

Answer: D Explanation:

Note: You can customize your own web pages, called dashboards, to create a custom view of the specific projects and categories of project data that are most relevant to your role in managing projects and resources.

Question No: 33

What is the highest level of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  1. Enterprise

  2. Portfolio

  3. Program

  4. Project

Answer: D

Explanation: Each project has its own WBS hierarchy with the top-level WBS element equal to that of each enterprise project structure (EPS) node or project.

The project is the highest level of the WBS while an individual activity required to create a product or service is the lowest level.

Each project in the enterprise project structure (EPS) has its own WBS.

Note: A WBS, or work breakdown structure, is a hierarchical arrangement of work activities that divides a project into discrete levels, phases, or layers. The WBS is structured in levels of work detail, beginning with the deliverable and separated into identifiable work elements. When creating a project, the project manager typically develops the WBS first. The manager assigns documents to each WBS element, and then defines activities to complete that element. In addition to document and activity assignments, each WBS element can also have specific earned value calculation settings, issue assignments, and notebook topics.

Reference; P6 EPPM User#39;s Guide, About Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)

Question No: 34

In the client application, Timescale relationships are shown by selecting which value from the Layout Options bar?

  1. Bars

  2. Bar Chart Options

  3. Timescale

  4. Group and Sort

Answer: C Explanation:

Note: Change the timescale of a profile, spreadsheet, or Gantt Chart In the Activities window, open a profile, spreadsheet, or Gantt Chart. Click the Layout Options bar and choose Timescale. In the

Projects window, right-click in the bar area of a Gantt Chart and choose Timescale.

Reference; Oracle Primavera P6 Project Management, Reference Manual, Customizing Layouts

Question No: 35

Identify two statements that best describe how Role Teams are used.

  1. enables the creation of groups of Roles for which a manager has ownership/responsibility

  2. enables the sending of emails to all Roles within the project team

  3. enables the filtering out of resources that are not assigned to the project

  4. creates efficiencies in tracking allocation, staffing activities, and communication

  5. enables the creation of groups of resources for which a manager has ownership/responsibility

Answer: A,E

Question No: 36

The Total Spending Plan Tally for a project is the sum of the Spending Plans assigned to .

  1. each project in the Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)

  2. each Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) element in the project

  3. each immediate child Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) element

  4. each immediate parent Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) element

Answer: A

Explanation: Total Spending Plan Tally applies to each project.

Note: Enter monthly spending amounts at the EPS level

Click the Spending Plan tab in the Projects window for a selected EPS node or project. Enter total expenditures for each month in the Spending Plan column. The Spending Plan Tally column shows any amounts previously recorded for project spending plans.

Reference; Oracle Primavera P6 Project Management, Reference Manual, Enter monthly spending amounts at the EPS level

Question No: 37

You received an email from a Portfolio Manager asking you to check performance metrics for the past months on each of the projects filtered for that portfolio. You cannot locate the portfolio that the email referenced.

What is probably the reason you cannot find the portfolio?

  1. It Is a User Portfolio created by the Portfolio Manager

  2. It is a User Filtered Portfolio that hasn#39;t been refreshed.

  3. You don#39;t have the appropriate license for the Web.

  4. You haven#39;t been assigned as a resource to the projects.

Answer: B

Question No: 38

Your customer is attempting to implement Resource Capacity Planning using Roles. The Roles Dictionary has been set up by Location, so that Human Resources is able to determine projected Role shortages Location. The customer#39;s projects are 20 years in duration.

What limitation of Resource Capacity Planning may create an issue for the customer?

  1. Roles cannot be used in Capacity Planning.

  2. Resources cannot be assigned at the Project level.

  3. Staffing analysis can be used to forecast only up to 10 years in the future.

  4. Role view is governed by Responsible Manager assignments.

Answer: A

Question No: 39

In addition to the four primary elements that comprise security, what additional feature in P6 Web will determine a user’s access to data?

  1. Portfolio Portlets

  2. User Dashboards

  3. User Interface View

  4. Resources portlets

Answer: C

Explanation: The information you can view is controlled by licensing and security settings, administrator configuration and user interface view settings, your assignments to activities, your filtering criteria, and the customized content and layout you select.

Question No: 40

What are two benefits of designating a resource as non-active?

  1. All project history and Costs are retained.

  2. Budgets from past projects will remain Intact.

  3. The resource can be identified for future work.

  4. Actual Costs for past projects will be positively affected.

  5. The resource is identified as unable to perform future work.

Answer: A,E

Explanation: Non-active resources may have left the organization but are not deleted from the system since they may have actual hours.

Reference: Field Map for Oracle Primavera P6 Reporting Database

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