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Oracle Linux 6 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 11

Identify the option with two files that are found in the /etc/sysconfig directory.

  1. /etc/sysconfig/autofs and/etc/sysconfig/authconfig

  2. /etc/sysconfig/ifcfg-eth0 and/etc/sysconfig/atd

  3. /etc/sysconfig/resolv.conf and/etc/sysconfig/network

  4. /etc/sysconfig/resolv.conf and/etc/sysconfig/grub.conf

Answer: A

Explanation: *The /etc/sysconfig/autofs file defines custom options for the automatic mounting of devices.

*The /etc/sysconfig/authconfig file sets the kind of authorization to be used on the host.


Used to configure networking options. Incorrect:

Not C, Not D:

* The program that resolves hostnames to IP addresses reads a file calledresolv.conf. This file is located in /etc/resolv.confdirectory.

Question No: 12

Which two options can be completed when using the Firewall Configuration Tool, system – config – firewall?

  1. Write complex firewall rules for checking, logging, and rejecting inbound and outbound connections

  2. Enabling or disabling the firewall entirely

  3. Build a filter to obfuscate sensitive data (national ID numbers, Credit Cards, and so on)

  4. Select the services that have access to the network resource

Answer: B,C

Explanation: system-config-firewall

The GUI screen to control the firewall is available from the menu (System gt; Administration

gt; Firewall) or can be started from the command line using the system-config-firewall command.

Once started, the toolbar provides buttons to allow the firewall to be enabled/disabled(B). You can also configure basic trusted services, such as SSH, FTP and HTTP(C), by putting a tick in the appropriate checkbox and clicking the quot;Applyquot; button on the toolbar.

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Firewall GUI – Trusted Services

The quot;Other Portsquot; section allows you to open ports that are not covered in the quot;Trusted Servicesquot; section.

Question No: 13

Identify the Oracle-supported source for obtaining Oracle Linux

  1. From any good Linux distribution

  2. From Oracle#39;s eDelivery software delivery cloud

  3. From Oracle Metalink Support

  4. From Linux vendors such as Red Hat or SUSE

  5. From Anaconda Installer

Answer: B

Explanation: *Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. Here you can find downloads for the Oracle Linux Operating System, Oracle VM, and Oracle VM Templates for both Linux and Solaris.

Question No: 14

View the output below. As oracle user, you run the following command on your Oracle Linux 6 system:

[oracle@dbhost ~ ] $

[oracle@dbhost ~] $ nice – – 10 ./myscript.sh amp; [1] 2735

[oracle@dbhost ~] $ nice: cannot set niceness: permission denied Why is the nice command failing?

  1. Shell scripts cannot be assigned a negative nice value.

  2. There is already another process running with same niceness value on this system.

  3. A negative nice value can be set by the root user.

  4. A nice value of -10 is not the permissible niceness range.

Answer: C

Explanation: Only a privileged user may run a process with lower niceness:

$ nice -n -1 nice

nice: cannot set niceness: Permission denied 0

$ sudo nice -n -1 nice


Note:Sudo stands for either quot;substitute user doquot; or quot;super user doquot; (depending upon how you want to look at it). What sudo does is incredibly important and crucial to many Linux distributions. Effectively, sudo allows a user to run a program as another user (most often the root user).

Question No: 15

You have to mount the Oracle Linux ISO image file OracleLinux -R6 – U2 – Server – X86_64-dvd.iso to the /media/cdrom mount point. Which command will help you mount the Oracle Linux ISO image file?

  1. # mount OracleLinux -R6 -U2 -Server X86_64-dvd.iso /media/cdrom

  2. # mount -t DVD OracleLinux -R6 -U2-Server-X86_64-DVD.iso/media/cdrom

  3. # mount /dvd/OracleLinux -R6 -U2- Server=X86_64-dvd.iso /media/cdrom/OracleLinux- R6-UI-Server-X86_64-dvd.iso

  4. # mount – 0 ro, loop oracleLinux -R6 -U2 -Server -X86_64 -dvd.iso /media/cdrom

Answer: D

Explanation: Mount the DVD iso of the desired update of Oracle Linux Release 5. Use the following command for mounting the DVD media inserted in /dev/cdrom

# mount -r -o loop -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt Use following command to mount iso image file

# mount -o loop lt;iso image file namegt; /mnt

Question No: 16

You have to find the default runlevel of your Oracle Linux system.Whichfile will help you find this information?

C./etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit D./etc/rc.local E./etc/rc.d/init.d

  1. /boot/grub/grub.conf

  2. /etc/inittab

Answer: B

Explanation: The default run level is specified in the /etc/inittab file.

Question No: 17

Examine the following commands:

# groupadd project

# mkdir /usr/share/project

# chown -R root.project /usr/share/project

# qpasswd -a scott project

# qpasswd -a foo project

# chmod 2775 /usr/share/project

Based on the commands, which statement is correct?

  1. Any new file created in the /usr/share/project folder by user scott will not be possible for foo to modify it.

  2. All members of the project group need the administrator’s help to change the file permission every time users write new files in the /usr/share/project folder.

  3. Files created by all members of the project group in the /usr/share/project folder will get the same group permission as the folder itself.

  4. The chmod command can only take a tree-digit argument.

Answer: A

Explanation: *Apermission of quot;2755quot; for a directory means that everyone has read and execute permission, while the file owner and members of the file#39;s group additionally have write permission. And any files or subdirectories created in that directory will inherit the parent directory#39;s group id.


Not D: chmod 2775 is a valid command.

Question No: 18

Which three statements describe the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK)?

  1. The UEK contains proprietary Linux Kernel enhancements only available to Oracle Linux.

  2. The UEK is available for x86 (32 bit), x86-64 (64 bit), ARM 32 bit, and ARM 64 bit servers.

  3. Existing applications run unchanged with the UEK in place because all system libraries remain unchanged.

  4. The UEK has more recent kernel enhancements for features like power management than the Red Hat Compatible Kernel.

  5. The UEK has ASMlib included by default.

Answer: A,C,E

Explanation: A:The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 is Oracle#39;s second major release of its heavily tested and optimized operating system kernel for Oracle Linux 5 and Oracle Linux 6.

C: Oracle claims that the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel is compatible with RHEL, and Oracle middleware and third-party RHEL-certified applications can be installed and run

unchanged on Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel. E:Oracle ASMlibisincluded by default


Not B:Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel is available for x86-64 servers.

Question No: 19

Identify three valid modes for SELinux.

  1. Disabled

  2. Enforcing

  3. Running

  4. Permissive

  5. Enabled

  6. High_level

  7. Label_only

Answer: A,B,D

Explanation: SELinux has three modes:

Enforcing: SELinux policy is enforced. SELinux denies access based on SELinux policy rules.

Permissive: SELinux policy is not enforced. SELinux does not deny access, but denials are logged for actions that would have been denied if running in enforcing mode.

Disabled: SELinux is disabled. Only DAC rules are used.

Question No: 20

Which two features are available with the Unbreakable kernel R2, but not with the Red Hat Compatible Kernel?

  1. Oracle Clusterware for Linux

  2. Up to 4-petabyte cluster volumes with OCFS2

  3. Ksplice zero downtime patching

  4. Transparent Huge Pages support (that is, 2 MB instead of 4 KB)

Answer: A,B

Explanation: Oracle’s Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel KEY FEATURES:

*Modern kernel based on 2.6.32, optimized by Oracle for server deployments

*Includes OCFS(Oracle Cluster File System)2 1.6 for clustered volumes

*Includes OFED 1.5.1

*Advanced NUMA support

*New diagnostic and tracing tools, including performance counters

*Complete data integrity checking from application to disk

*Hardware fault management

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