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Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g Essentials

Question No: 1

Which statement accuratelydescribesthe dynamic publishing method of WebCenter Sites?

  1. It leverages native Oracle Database data integration technology.

  2. It is used to copy data from a WebCenter Sites source system to a target system.

  3. It cannot publish pages containing Web 2.0 content.

  4. It leverages Oracle GoldenGate.

Answer: C

Question No: 2

Which three are asset types?

  1. Page

  2. Attribute Editor

  3. Start Menu

  4. Page Definition

  5. Workflow Process

  6. Role

Answer: A,C,E

Question No: 3

Which database does theJumpstart Kit use?

  1. MySQL

  2. HyperSQL

  3. Sybase

  4. Oracle Express

  5. TimesTen

Answer: E


http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/database- technologies/timesten/overview/index.html

Question No: 4

Which three can be used by an externalsystem to retrieve content fromWebCenter Sites overHTTP?

  1. Writing SQL statements to directly retrieve data from the WebCenter Sites database

  2. Creating templates that use the asset API in WebCenter Sites

  3. Directly reading content stored on the shared file system in WebCenter Sites

  4. Using the REST API provided by the WEM framework

  5. Creating templates that use JSP code in WebCenter Sites

Answer: A,B,D

Question No: 5

Content editors are reporting that the Contributor interface in WebCenter Sites slows down at certain times during the day when they enter and edit content. Which two tools can be used todiagnose wherethe problem lies?

  1. the cache management tool. Launch this tool on the delivery server to see how many items are in the ContentServer cache.

  2. the web server logs. Use these logs to check the amount of public traffic on the delivery server.

  3. the resultset cache section of system tools. Check to see if there are any tables that are inefficiently cached.

  4. thread dumps. Take thread dumps to see where the WebCenter Sites server is spending its time.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 6

Which two statements are true about the significance of any column starting with “URL”in adatabase table that is created using WebCenter Sites?

  1. The table column value is a reference to a record in the MungoBlobs database table.

  2. The table column value is a reference to a file on the file system.

  3. The table column value is the result of a binary field created in AssetMaker for a basic asset.

  4. The table column value represents a link to an image file stored in the database as a blob.

Answer: A,C

Question No: 7

Identify two features that Global Site Foundation provides.

  1. Pagelet authentication

  2. Support for vanity URLs

  3. Detailed page fragment analytics

  4. Built-in 404 response for deleted assets

Answer: A,D


http://gst-foundation.org/downloads/GST Site Foundation 1.0.3.pdf

Question No: 8

In a default installation,which three users existin the SystemUsers table?

  1. Fwadmin

  2. csuser

  3. ContentServer

  4. DefaultReader

  5. SatelliteServer

Answer: B,C,E

Question No: 9

You have an asset (Article) with one dependent asst (ArticleImage). Thesetwo assests are published and available on delivery. The Article asset is edited and approved for the second time. In this case, which two statements are true?

  1. If dependency type is “Exists,” you must have the ArticleImage approved.

  2. If dependency type is “Exists,” youmust have the Article assetapproved.

  3. If dependency type is “Exact,” you must haveonlythe ArticleImageassetapproved.

  4. If dependency type is “Exact,” you must haveonlythe Articleassetapproved.

  5. If dependency type is “Exact,” you must haveboththeArticle andArticleImageassetsapproved.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 10

You are responsible for a small marketing website that was built WebCenter Sites that consists of page assets and page templates. The site is fully cachaed and does not use an uncachedSiteEntry wrapper. The Marketing department has requested that you make the site responsive such that visitor experience is good even when you web pages are viewed on other devices, including tablets and mobile phones. You are tasked with designing an inexpensive solution that does not impact performance,add more hardware, change the asset model, or impact the contributor’s current workload or the process that creates the web pages. What would you do to address their requirements?

  1. Refactor your page templates to use a third party JavaScript or CSS framework such as Foundation 3 or CSS3 media queries.

  2. Add browser detection logic to an uncached JSP SiteEntry wrapper, which then dispatches to one of three different page templates: one designed specifically for computers, one for tablets, and one for mobile phones. No third party framework is used.

  3. Create three different contribution sites, one for each device, and map them to a specific subdomain, such that all “mobile.xxx.com” requests get forwarded to the mobile site, all “tablet.xxx.com” requests get forwarded to the tablet site, and so on. No third party framework is used.

  4. Install an additional WebCenter Sites mobility server environment.

Answer: A

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