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Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g Essentials

Question No: 11

Whichstatement accurately describestheWebCenter Sites Presentation layer?

  1. It is based on templates that execute at run time to deliver websites with no constraint on the HTML design.

  2. It requires a specific WebCenter Sites navigation component.

  3. It has restricted support for delivery of websites on tablets and smartphones.

  4. It requires specific CSS files to allow simple site-skinning choices.

Answer: B


http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/webcenter/sites/overview/webcenter-sites- 111160-whatsnew-1610697.pdf

Question No: 12

What two arecharacteristics of basic assets?

  1. can be rated for use with recommendations and promotions

  2. are simple data structures with a single storage table

  3. support a fixed, predictable design with a moderate number of attributes

  4. do not work with static publishing

  5. do not allow for subtypes

  6. inlcude main tag families such as ASSETSET, SEARCHSTATE, and RENDER

Answer: B,F

Question No: 13

Which functionality doesWebCenter SitesPublishing use to ensure thatthere are no broken linksorcontent?

  1. It can obtain workflow approval automatically prior to publishing.

  2. It evaluates asset dependencies before publishing.

  3. It copies asset information without the need for SQL queries to the publishing destination.

  4. It publishes code as well as content.

Answer: B

Question No: 14

To reproduce an environment, which two backups are required at a minimum?

  1. cold backup of the database schema

  2. backup of the WebCenter Sites shared file system

  3. backup of the WebCenter Sites web applications

  4. backup of the Webserver configuration files

Answer: A,C

Question No: 15

How can you specify where theGlobal Gadget CatalogInterface is to be enabled?

  1. You can enable this during the Gadgets application installation process

  2. By changing the cs_site property in GadgetsApplication.xml

  3. By changing the cs_site property in futuretense_xcel.ini file

  4. By defining/editing cs_site property from Admin application of Admin Site

Answer: A


http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29542_01/doc.1111/e29636/gs_enabling_gdgt_ntrfc.htm#WBC SA7536

Question No: 16

Which one of the following accurately describes WebCenter Sites?

  1. an Records Management solution with smart WYSIWYG authoring, a preview environment, and publication workflows

  2. a Content Management System (CMS) that is complete with a delivery platfom, to manage multiple business sites

  3. a .NET development platform with a high performance caching architecture

  4. a commerce site management solution to deliver multichannel, multibrand, and multilingual websites

Answer: C

Question No: 17

By default,SiteCapturecan be used to crawlan instance of WebCenter Sites.Identify two tasks thatSiteCapture performs.

  1. It makes PDFs of the captured site.

  2. It archives a site in a zip file with metadata, HTML, JavaScript, and blobs.

  3. It saves only the pages that were changed to the SiteCapture file system.

  4. It crawls the site as different users.

Answer: A,C

Question No: 18

When creating a flex asset through WebCenter Sites UI, saving the asset takes a long time. After reviewing the logs, you see:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Given this situation what could be the possible reason for this?

  1. WebCenter Sites is waiting on a Satellite Server to flush cache that it cannot reach

  2. WebCenter Sites is taking time on the save action due to incorrect flex asset model

  3. WebCenter Sites is taking time because the flex parent contains too many children causing delay in saving the asset

  4. WebCenter Sites is waiting on the publishing queue to clear cache

Answer: D

Question No: 19

In Community-Gadgets,if you have not set any valuesin the Authorized domain,which statement istrue?

  1. Community widgets or Gadgets cannot be deployed on any web pages in any domain.

  2. Community widgets or Gadgets can be deployed on any web pages in any domain.

  3. Community widgets or Gadgets can be deployed on any web pages in the same domain in which the Community-Gadgets production application is running.

  4. Community widgets or Gadgets can be deployed only on web pages in the same domain in which the WebCenter Sites production application is running.

Answer: B

Question No: 20

The WebCenter Sites installation process reports that it has completed installation successfully.But a number of database tables are missing. What could be the possible cause here?

  1. WebCenter Sites is installed as a cluster member without being installed first as a single server.

  2. The database user is not given the quot;unlimited spacequot; privilege, which prevents the creation of big system tables.

  3. An incorrect database driver is used, which prevents creation of tables with unsupported data types.

  4. The maximum capacity for the connection pool is configured incorrectly.

Answer: C

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