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Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g Essentials

Question No: 41

In the following render tag, what does childpagename refer to?

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  1. childpagename refers to the value of the template that you want to render.

  2. childpagename refers to the name of the child page asset that you want to render.

  3. childpagename refers to the wrapper element that you want to render.

  4. childpagename refers to the element associated with the current page name.

Answer: C

Question No: 42

If your solutionneeds to includeuser-generated content,you would most likely use the toprovide the functionality.

  1. User Content WEM application

  2. Social WEM application

  3. Community WEM application

  4. Satellite Server

  5. Gadgets WEM application

Answer: D

Question No: 43

Your legal department hasinformed you thatthere is a newrequirement thatevery version of every webpage must bestored for sevenyears going forward.The site doesnot use Engagebutit does usetranslations.Currently, publishingis every 24 hours.What is the lowcost way to meet thisrequirement?

  1. configuring Site Capture on delivery to execute every 24 hours

  2. leveraging the built-in block-level mirroring of both the database and the shared file system in the enterprise storage area network to execute every 24 hours

  3. modifying publish to publish to two delivery destinations simultaneously

  4. running two shell scripts that tar the shared file system and the database, respectively, to execute every 24 hours

Answer: C

Question No: 44

You are replicating the site Avi with a prefixType2Avi. Which two statementsare true?

  1. All asset types and subtypes are copied to the Type2Avi site.

  2. Asset associations are shared between the Avi and Type2AVi sites.

  3. All users for the Avi site are shared with Type2Avi but not copied.

  4. Start menus are shared from the Avi site to the Type2Avi site.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 45

A customer has a requirement to contribute content to the management environment (Server M) and make this content available to the live environment (Server P). The customer has decided to use the publishing functionality to accomplish this requirement. Which statement best reflects the configuration that is required?

  1. Create a publish destination with the RealTime delivery type, configure a batch user on Server M, and configure a RealTime user on the target Server P.

  2. Create a delivery type of Dynamic Publish, assign this delivery type to a publish destination on Server M, and create a batch user for both Server M and Server P.

  3. Create a publish destination with the RealTime delivery type, create a batch user on Server M, and enter the RealTime username and password in the publish destination entry form. The RealTime user must have appropriate privileges for both the source Server M and the target Server P.

  4. Create a publish destination with the RealTime delivery type, create a batch user with appropriate privileges for Server M, and create a RealTime user with appropriate privileges for the target Server P.

Answer: C

Question No: 46

Which three characterscan be used ina template name?

  1. Underscore (_)

  2. hyphen (-)

  3. hash (#)

  4. any numeric value

  5. percent (%)

  6. colon (:)

Answer: B,C,F

Question No: 47

Given this scenario:A flex family iscreated with twoflex asset types,one parent assettype, oneparent definition assettype,and oneflex definition asset type. Which statement is true?

  1. For every flex definition, you must create a corresponding start menu.

  2. It is possible to assign a specific flex definition asset type to a specific flex asset type within the flex family creation wizard forms.

  3. A flex definition asset can be assigned to a particular flex asset type within the flex definition asset creation form.

  4. By default, any flex definition can be assigned to a flex asset within a specific flex family at the time of creation.

Answer: D

Question No: 48

Which statement is NOT true about a collection?

  1. collection is an ordered list of assets of one type.

  2. collection uses a query asset to obtain a list of possible assets.

  3. By default, a collection can have up to three query assets.

  4. The assets in a collection cannot be ranked.

Answer: C

Question No: 49

Which four are fundamental termsin WebCenter Sites thatare represented in the Contributor UI?

  1. asset

  2. page

  3. templates

  4. roles

  5. clickstream

  6. search engine optimization

Answer: A,C,E,F

Question No: 50

Which two items does the searchengineintegrationframework work in conjunction with?

  1. Queue Management

  2. Mirror Publishing

  3. Event Management

  4. WSDT

  5. Cache Management

Answer: B,E

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