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Project Lifecycle Management Essentials

Question No: 11

What is true about the Work Management Plan?

  1. It outlines the major milestones of the project.

  2. It is a document produced during the contract process.

  3. It documents the strategy, control processes, and policies that are used to manage, support, and implement the work during the project.

  4. It is produced by the Configuration Management team.

  5. It defines the competencies of the project team.

Answer: C Explanation: Note:

*The purpose of the Work Management Plan is to establish procedures for defining,

monitoring, and directing all work performed on the project.

*The Work Management Plan should clearly state the procedures for defining, documenting, gaining agreement on, and communicating the project’s work plan and the processes to be used for which the plan would be executed and controlled.

The project work plan is the hub of project management as it denotes all activities that the team will be participating in within the project’s scope, objectives, and approach and it provides a repository of data that the project manager can utilize to manage the project to plan. Processes that would be used for work plan execution and control would include the following:

鈥eveloping the Baseline Project Work Plan

鈥ontrolling the Work Plan through the life cycle of the project.

鈥xecuting the Work Plan

鈥anaging Team Work

鈥anaging Team Time

Question No: 12

According to the recommended training for this exam, an engagement becomes a project when .

  1. There is a specific result, a budget, and a targeted end date

  2. The client signs the contract

  3. The client signs the statement of Work

  4. The sales cycle has ended

Answer: B

Question No: 13

What is true about Organizational Change management in OUM Manage?

  1. Understanding how the clients deals with change is critical to driving user acceptance.

  2. It involves only the end-user community.

  3. It increases the risk of organizational disruptions.

  4. New technology will overcome people’s resistance.

Answer: A

Explanation: The Organizational Change Management process starts at the strategic level with executives and thenidentifies the particular human and organizational challenges of the technology implementation inorder to design a systematic, time-sensitive, and cost- effective approach to lowering risk that is tailoredto each organization’s specific needs. In addition to increasing user adoption rates, carefully planningfor and managing change in this way allows organizations to maintain productivity through oftendifficulttechnological transitions. This in turn enables the organization to more easily meet deadlines,realize business objectives, and maximize return on investment

Question No: 14

Select the three major activities in the Project Closure phase.

  1. Manage Project Workplan

  2. Gain Acceptance

  3. Complete Project Management Plan

  4. Close Processes and Contract

  5. Document Lessons Learned and Archive Project

  6. Customer Acceptance

Answer: B,D,F

Explanation: *The Project Closure phase occurs after the Production phase. During this phase, the project is

“closed” from an administrative and contractual standpoint. This includes making sure that the projectwork products are complete and meet the customer’s expectations; gaining final acceptance(F); andsecuring all documents(E)for reuse, collection and retention.

*Project Closure Phase is the last phase of the Project Life Cycle. The commencement of the Project Closure Phase is determined by the completion of all Project Objectives and acceptance of the end product by the customer. Closure of any financial issues,Collection and Completion of All Project Records amp; Archiving of All Project Records are typical elements of this phase.

Question No: 15

Select three benefits of using the OUM Manage Focus Area on an implementation.

  1. It manages acceptance of work products.

  2. It focuses on accurate estimating.

  3. It supports improved communication.

  4. The client creates and produces project plans that drive the project.

  5. It encourages early client involvement.

  6. It allows for quicker project durations.

Answer: A,C,E

Explanation: /The Manage focus area provides a framework in which all types of projects can be planned, estimated,controlled, and completed in a consistent manner. Oracle’s Project Management Method (PJM) is partof the Manage focus area. Consistency is required in today’s business environment, where projectsoften implement packages, develop application extensions, and create a data warehouse in order tosatisfy a business need.

Project management enables the project manager to manage delivery of an agreed upon level of

solution quality while planning for and controlling the scope, cost, and schedule. The Manage focus area has three phases:

*Project Start Up Phase

*Project Execution and Control Phase

*Project Closure Phase

/Collectively, the processes listed below form a comprehensive set of tasks required to manage Oracle-based

development and implementation projects. Every project includes most, if not all, of these processes,

whether they are the responsibility of a consulting organization, a client organization, or a third party.

The Manage focus area is organized into 13 processes: Bid Transition

Scope Management Financial Management (A)Work Management Risk Management

Issue and Problem Management Staff Management (C)Communication Management

Quality Management Configuration Management Infrastructure Management Procurement Management

Organizational Change Management

/OUM Manage Focus Area

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Question No: 16

At the end of iteration phase, during Project Execution and Control,which three key tasks should be conducted?

  1. QM.050 Perform Quality Assurance

  2. WM.050 ManageApprovals

  3. CMM.030 Manage Project Team Communication

  4. PKM.020 Conduct Baseline Risk Assessment

  5. SM.060 Close Scope management

  6. PKM.060 Conduct Post-Production Risk Assessment

  7. OCHM.040 Establish Follow-Up process

Answer: A,B,C Explanation: Note:

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Not D: Belongs to project start up- Not E: Belongs to project closure. Not F: Belongs to project closure. Not G: Belongs to project closure.

Question No: 17

Where can you access all the phases, activities, tasks, supplemental content, and reference files associated with the OUM Manage Focus Area?

  1. Implement Models View

  2. Manage View

  3. Implement View

  4. Project Manage View

  5. Envision View

  6. Project Plan

Answer: B

Explanation: OUM 5.6 provides the following views:

*Manage Views

/Manage Focus Area

*Implement Views

*Envision Views

* Other Views

Question No: 18

What is not an activity in the OUM Manage Project Closure Phase?

  1. Contract Closure

  2. Release Staff

  3. Close Scope Management

  4. Close User Acceptance Test

  5. Close Work Management

Answer: B

Explanation: The Project Closure phase occurs after the Production phase. During this phase, the project is

“closed”(not A)from an administrative and contractual standpoint. This includes making sure that the projectwork(not E)products are complete and meet the customer’s expectations(not D); gaining final acceptance; andsecuring all documents for reuse, collection and retention.


The Manage focus area is organized into 13 processes:

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