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Project Lifecycle Management Essentials

Question No: 41

Earned value is a technique to report project status using which three variables?

  1. EV – Earned Value

  2. PV – Planned Value

  3. AC – Actual Cost

  4. PC – Planned Cost

  5. EC – Earned Cost

Answer: A,B,C

Explanation: EV – earned value, estimated value of work done. PV – planned value, estimated value of planned work

AC – actual cost, what you paid

Question No: 42

What project documentation is billable?

  1. only what was negotiated by the sales team and the Project Manager

  2. time sheets, status reports, and the approved project plan

  3. only what the Project Manager decides

  4. only what the sales team determines

Answer: A

Question No: 43

What does OUM Manage recommend for stakeholder involvement?

  1. the project sponsor is the only stakeholder involved in Bid Transition

  2. the steering committee is formed during Project Execution and Control

  3. stakeholders be engaged early in the project

  4. only internal stakeholders should identify risks and issues

  5. work products are reviewed by all stakeholders identified in the contract

Answer: C Explanation:


*Where is Stakeholder Management in OUM? Stakeholder Management typically falls into the purview of the Project Manager, which means much of the associated guidance is found in the OUM Manage Focus Area (a.k.a. Manage). There is also a good deal of content related to the discipline of Stakeholder Management contained in the Implement Focus Area (a.k.a Implement).

There is no process in Manage named Stakeholder Management, but this “touch point” can be found in a variety of other processes including Bid Transition (BT), Communication Management (CMM) and Organizational Change Management (OCHM).

  • Stakeholder Management starts in the Bid Transition process with Stakeholder Analysis.

  • This Stakeholder Analysis is used to build the Project Team Communication Plan in the Communication Management process.

  • Stakeholder Management should be executed during the Execution and Control phase. For example, as issues are resolved, the project manager should take the action item to

    follow up with the affected stakeholders to ensure they are aware that the issue has been resolved.

  • The broader topic of Stakeholder Management is also addressed very thoroughly in the Organizational Change Management process in the Implement Focus Area, which is a touch point to the Organizational Change Management process in Manage.

  • Question No: 44

    What is the definition of Scope Change Management?

    1. Capture, evaluate, and approve change requests to the agreed project baseline

    2. Establish clear boundaries for the work products.

    3. Identify when new team members are needed.

    4. Evaluate vendor bids.

    Answer: A

    Question No: 45

    What describes the nature of the activities within the Project Execution and Control phase?

    1. They are dependent upon one another.

    2. They are dependent upon earned value.

    3. They are ongoing.

    4. They are grouped according to priority.

    Answer: A

    Explanation: The Manage focus area has three phases: Project Start Up Phase

    Project Execution and Control Phase Project Closure Phase

    Integration of the Manage focus area phases with the Implement focus area phases is illustrated below:

    Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

    Question No: 46

    Which two items are completed during the Work Management close?

    1. final backup and archiving of the project workplan

    2. back up of the project diary

    3. production of final schedule metric report

    4. payment of all vendor invoices

    5. reconciliation of open accounts payable

    Answer: A,C Explanation:

    Note:Work Management – The objective of the Work Management process is to develop the work plan and to define and document the processes and policies to be used to execute, maintain, control and close-out the Project Workplan.

    Question No: 47

    The client asks that the project be thoroughly documented. How many of the documents available through the Manage Focus Area should be used?

    1. all of them

    2. none of them

    3. only those that are fit for the project

    4. only those that the client selects

    Answer: C

    Question No: 48

    What does a schedule variance (SV) of greater than zero mean?

    1. the project is behind schedule

    2. the project is below budget

    3. the project is above budget

    4. the project is ahead of schedule

    5. the project is neither behind nor below schedule

    Answer: D

    Explanation: A value of less than zero means the project is behind schedule. And a value greater than zero means the project is ahead of schedule.

    (A value of zero means the project is exactly on schedule but this is very rare). Note:Schedule Variance shows if there are any variations in the schedule of the project. Schedule Variance is calculated as follows:

    Schedule Variance = Earned Value – Planned Value

    Question No: 49

    According to the recommended training for this exam, what is the quot;triple constraintquot;?

    1. time, resources, quality/scope

    2. time, quality/scope, performance

    3. client availability, budget, modifications

    4. products licensed, service requests limits, annual maintenance

    Answer: A

    Explanation: *Scope, Time amp; Cost together are termed as the Triple Constraints of a Project.

    *Risk avoidance involves changing the project plan to eliminate therisk or to protect the project objectives (time, cost, scope, quality) from itsimpact. The team might achieve this by changing scope, adding time, oradding resources (thus relaxing the so-called “triple constraint”)


    Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE


    Question No: 50

    Select the three ways OUM Manage can be scaled or made fit-for-purpose.

    1. by considering the depth to which specific tasks and activities are executed

    2. by adding more iterations to the workplan

    3. by combining tasks or executing at the activity level

    4. by including additional tasks to the workplan

    5. by eliminating unnecessary tasks from the workplan

    Answer: B,C,E

    Explanation: B:Iterative and Incremental

    OUM recognizes the advantages of an iterative and incremental approach to development and

    deployment of information systems. Any of the tasks within OUM may be iterated. Whether or

    not to iterate, as well as the number of iterations, varies. Tasks may be iterated to increase quality of the work products to a desired level, to add sufficient level of detail, or to refine and

    expand the work products on the basis of user feedback

    C:you should consider whether it is advisable or appropriate to combine tasks or to execute your project using OUM’s activities – which are groupings of tasks.


    Our next step is to eliminate activities/tasks that are not needed. Consider the following:

    1.Don’t eliminate anything in the Core Workflow without carefully consideration. 2.Review any available supplemental guidance.

    3.Consider removing activities/tasks NOT included in the Estimate and/or Proposal. 4.Determine if it’s possible to eliminate all if not most of some processes. For example, consider removing the following processes and corresponding activities and/or tasks, if your project does not include ANY requirements for them:

    鈥erformance Management

    鈥rganizational Change Management


    鈥ata Acquisition and Conversion

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