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Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Certified Implementation Specialist

Question No: 11

What two sources can be used to provision a WLS domain? (Choose two.)

  1. WebLogic Home Gold Image

  2. TAR file on network desktop

  3. TAR file on local desktop

  4. WebLogic Domain Provisioning Profile

  5. Middleware Home Gold Image

Answer: C,E

Question No: 12

Which Java command would list all the running Java applications on a system?

  1. jpsm -m

  2. jlist -m

  3. jproc -m

  4. jplist -m

  5. jps -m

Answer: E

Question No: 13

What is the main method used to collect the monitoring data of a Coherence cluster, its nodes, and caches?

  1. Enterprise Manager agent on every host, querying JMX data from nodes running on that host

  2. one central Enterprise Manager agent, querying JMX data from each node in the cluster

  3. JVMD agent collecting data trough sampling of the JVM for each node

  4. Enterprise Manager agent on every host, querying JMX data from nodes running on the host, and a central Enterprise Manager agent querying JMX data from a management node for cluster-level

  5. one central Enterprise Manager agent querying JMX data from a single management node

Answer: D Explanation:


Question No: 14

An application frequently requests data (from s Coherence cache configured with a cache loader) that may not be available in the underlying data source. The cost of looking up data via the cache loader is expensive in terms of time and resources.

To reduce these costs, which configuration should be used to cache the notion that an entry is not available?

  1. Modify the application to maintain a “misses” cache to keep track of the entries that were expected to be found in the other cache, but were recently not found.

  2. Configure a “cache-miss-scheme” on the appropriate cache.

  3. Modify the cache loader to maintain a “map” of entries not found, and consult this map before attempting to load an entry from the external source.

  4. This can#39;t be achieved with Coherence.

Answer: A

Question No: 15

After going through a sizing exercise, you determine that your application will need 100 storage-enabled JVMs with 4 GB heaps. You have 10 physical machines with 16 cores and 32 GB of RAM.

Which performance-tuning best practice would be violated by deploying your application on these machines?

  1. Heap sizes should not be larger than 512 MB.

  2. OS socket buffers should be at least 2 MB.

  3. Avoid OS memory swapping/paging by not exhausting physical RAM.

  4. Do not exceed one JVM per core.

Answer: B

Question No: 16

What three operations can an EM_PROVISIONONG_DESIGNER perform that an EM_PROVISIONONG_OPERATOR cannot? (Choose three.)

  1. Create profiles, components, and directives in the Software Library.

  2. Access provisioning profiles in the Software Library.

  3. Customize the default deployment procedure.

  4. Create deployment procedure templates.

  5. There is no difference in the type of operations that these two users can perform.

Answer: A,C,D

Question No: 17

Which statement about JRockit Discovery Protocol (JDP) is true?

  1. JDP enables network auto discovery of JVMs.

  2. JDP is a subset of HTTP.

  3. JDP can be used by application to exchange serialized data between JVMs.

  4. JDP was initially introduced in the HotSpot VM 1.5.

Answer: A

Question No: 18

When integrating a CacheStore with a database, which technique is correct for managing database connections?

  1. Use a connection pool provided by an application server, the JDBC driver, or a third party.

  2. Create a new connection every time a CacheStore method is invoked.

  3. Create a new connection in the CacheStore constructor and store a to it that can be accessed by the CacheStore methods.

  4. Configure Coherence to use its built-in capabilities to manage connections.

Answer: A

Question No: 19

You notice the following message in one of your cache server logs:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Which statement correctly explains this message?

  1. Member 102 received a MemberLeft message from the senior member (member 1) that member 74 has left the cluster.

  2. Member 1 received a MemberLeft message from the senior member (member 74) that member 102 has left the cluster.

  3. Member 1 received a MemberLeft message from the senior member (member 102) that member 74 has left the cluster.

  4. Member 74 received a MemberLeft message from the senior member (member 1) that member 102 has left the cluster.

Answer: A

Question No: 20

Which two JVM components can be configured to impact application performance? (Choose two.)

  1. Heap

  2. Local variables stack

  3. Class loader

  4. Bytecode interpreter

  5. Garbage Collector

Answer: C,E

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