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Oracle Data Integrator 11g Essentials

Question No: 21

Select four correct scenarios where EDQ parsing is beneficial.

  1. There are separate attributes for Titles, Forenames, and Family names, but the values are not always in the right fields.

  2. Names are well-structured, but the Gender field is often missing.

  3. The data contains product descriptions in the string field and you need to extract the size and weight of each product.

  4. Addresses are contained in a single string field and are difficult to verify.

  5. Phone numbers are sometimes embedded in the customer name and address.

Answer: A,C,D,E

Question No: 22

The ODI application adapter for Hadoop .

  1. connects to a Work Repository r

  2. is a Big Data Connector

  3. connects to a Master Repository

  4. is an Agent configuration

Answer: B

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37231_01/doc.20/e36961/odi.htm

Question No: 23

Select the correct statement. When running an interface in ODI, is it possible to see a simu- lation of the code?

  1. No, that is a current limitation in ODI.

  2. No, but it is possible to query the metadata repository in order to see the generated code.

  3. Yes, but it is only possible to see a code simulation on ODI Console.

  4. Yes, before executing the interface, it is possible to set a flag to request the code simulation.

Answer: D Explanation:


Question No: 24

Which property file parameter stores the location of the OBBIE web catalog folder?





Answer: D

Explanation: OBIEE_WEBCAT Location of the Web Catalog folder used by the BI Server. OBIEE_WEBCAT_EXPORT_FILE Location of the OBIEE Web catalog report used for refreshing the lineage.

OBIEE_WEBCAT_FOLDER_TO_EXPORT The Web Catalog folder to export in the report reference http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E25054_01/integrate.1111/e12644/biee_lineage.htm

Question No: 25

When using a customized reverse knowledge module, can the execution be done only on the development environment?

  1. No, all environments linked to a logical schema can be used to reverse-engineer table structure,

  2. No, only the production environment can be used.

  3. No, only a Java engine intermediate environment can be processed.

  4. Yes, as long as the other environment is a mirrored copy.

Answer: A

Question No: 26

Which one of the following attributes should always be provided to EDQ AV as a separate attribute if available?

  1. Name

  2. City

  3. Country

  4. State or Province

  5. Zip or Postal code

Answer: E

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E48549_01/doc.11117/e40733/toc.htm

Question No: 27

Identify two parameters of the OGG JKMs that must be set in order to configure OGG through ODI.





Answer: A,C

Question No: 28

Select two correct answers. ODI and EDQ can share the same infrastructure If .

  1. They use an Oracle DB as a repository and WebLogic to host the web application

  2. They use an Oracle DB as a repository and WebSphere to host the web application

  3. They use any DB as a repository and any compatible web application server

  4. They use an Oracle DB as a repository and Tomcat to host the web application

  5. ODI and EDQ cannot share the same infrastructure, they both have different architecture

Answer: A,B

Question No: 29

You are designing a Load Plan in which you need to create multiple branches based on the value of a variable. How do you implement this using the Load Plan editor?

  1. Drag the variable into Load Plan and define a Case Step

  2. Add a Case Step in Load Plan and select variable- in the wizard

  3. Create a scenario from the variable and add the scenario to Load Plan to create a Case Step

  4. Add a Case Step, then drag the variable into Case Step

Answer: B

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28271_01/integrate.1111/e12643/loadplans.htm#CHDEIFJJ

Question No: 30

To declare mapping on a target column, does a developer have to manually write the required database functions?

  1. Yes, ODI only allows manual insertion of information related to source-target mappings.

  2. Yes, either the work area can be used to write the functions or a configuration file can be prepared for ODI to read.

  3. No, a developer must prepare a configuration file and associate to it a user function,

  4. No, a graphical expression editor can be used to drag and drop columns and the required function definitions.

Answer: D

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