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Oracle Data Integrator 11g Essentials

Question No: 31

In ODI, can a check constraint be added to metadata?

  1. Yes, by adding a constraint to the datastore

  2. No,it is not possible to add conditions more than those that can be reverse-engineered. r

  3. Yes, but you need to execute additional scripts on the database in order to make it work,

  4. No, you can declare them only customizing knowledge modules.

Answer: A

Question No: 32

Is it possible to import a knowledge module into project (A) and then reference that knowledge module in another project (B)?

  1. Yes, knowledge modules can be imported.

  2. Yes, but three specific variable;; have to be declared to indicate the data environment.

  3. No, to use a knowledge module, it must be imported into each project.

  4. No,because a variable needs to be set to define it as a global knowledge module-

Answer: C

Explanation: Only global KMs or KMs that have already been imported into the project can be selected in the interface. Make sure that you have imported the appropriate KMs in the project before proceeding.

Question No: 33

In an ODI Interface, when defining a join, can you always choose quot;Ordered Join Syntaxquot;?

  1. Yes, this option is always available.

  2. No, you can never make this choice.

  3. No,this option is inherited from reverse engineering.

  4. No,it may be available if the underlying technology supports it.

Answer: A

Question No: 34

Prior to executing an interface or mapping in ODI, do you have to deploy the generated code manually in a source or target server?

  1. Yes, you have to copy all the procedures generated into the development, test, and production servers.

  2. No, ODI prepares a package for the development environment.

  3. Yes, you have to compile the generated code and then double-check if the code prepared for the development server is the same as the code for the production server.

  4. No, ODI Agent coordinates the execution of the commands prepared for the job, and executes them on the correct server.

Answer: D

Question No: 35

Identify two operations that can be achieved using the ODI SDK.

  1. Create users

  2. Create interfaces

  3. Create Master and Work repositories

  4. Create security profiles

Answer: B,C

Explanation: http://oracle-dba.yoga-supreme.com/?p=1698

Question No: 36

Is it possible to define more than one physical schema associated with the same data server?

  1. Yes, but you have to flag which one is the default physical schema.

  2. Yes, but it is mandatory to specify a different user to log in.

  3. It is possible,but it is better to avoid doing so because it is more difficult to define a logical schema this way.

  4. No, ODI Topology does not allow defining more than one physical schema for a data server because the associated logical schema would be ambiguous.

Answer: A

Reference: http://odiexperts.com/context-logical-and-physical-schema-how-does-it-work/

An Oracle Data Integrator Physical Schema corresponds to a pair of Schemas Data schema where it look for source and target data source Work schema where it creates the temporary data structures for the source nad target in the data schema

Question No: 37

In an ODI interface, is it possible to use a specific partition if it is declared for the target table to load data?

  1. No, only generic loading can be declared and an IKM can declare partitions using options.

  2. No, only ODI variables can be used to filter the target table loading.

  3. Yes,an option in the interface can be used to declare partitions but an ODI variable must be used to evaluate the correct partition value.

  4. Yes, an option in the interface can be used to declare the partition that has to be used for the loading.

Answer: D

Question No: 38

Select the correct statement- When an ODI interface is designed, target and source tables are defined with metadata imported directly from databases and other sources.

  1. Yes, their definition is imported with a direct reverse-engineering process.

  2. Yes, their definition is imported with a direct reverse-engineering process, but you must manually define all the keys and constraints existing on the database.

  3. No, for every loading, the definition of the tables used, their columns, and their constraints must be manually built.

  4. No, an external engine must be run in order to describe what metadata is needed for an O interface.

Answer: A

Question No: 39

You design a Package with Interfaces that will be consuming data from Journalized datastores in the Consistent Set CDC mode. Identify the right set of steps that need to be performed at the beginning of your Package to develop this.

  1. AddDatastores to Package, set Datastores steps to Journalizing Datastore, and select the Unlock Subscriber and Purge Journal check boxes

  2. Add Model to Package, set Model step to Journalizing Model, and select the Extend Window and Lock Subscriber check boxes

  3. Add Datastores to Package, set Datastores steps to Journalizing Datastore, and select

    the Extend Window and Lock Subscriber check boxes

  4. Add Sub-modelto Package, set Sub-model step to Journalizing Sub-model, and select the Extend Window and Lock Subscriber check boxes

Answer: B Explanation:


Question No: 40

In an ODI Interface, can filters be added automatically?

  1. Yes, if they were reverse-engineered-

  2. Yes,if they exist in the datastore definition.

  3. No, filters can never be added automatically.

  4. No, because each interface instance is unique and different from others.

Answer: D

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