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SPARC M6-32 and SPARC M5-32 Servers Installation Essentials

Question No: 1

Which three statements are correct descriptions of SPARC M5-32 server design? (DCU = Domain Configuration Unit, CMU = CPU Memory Board Unit, IOU = I/O Switch Board)

  1. In a DCU that has 2x CMU, each CMU has 2x CPU, and each CPU has two PCIe root complexes; so you can access only eight PCIe slots (that is, 2x2x2) in that IOU.

  2. In a DCU that has 2x CMU, you need to install in position CMUO and CMU3 so that the root

    complexes of the two CPUs on CMUO can connect to IOBO and link to PCIe slots 1-8; and CMU3 can connect to IOB1 and link to PCIe slot9-l6.

  3. In a DCU that has 4x CMU, CMUO and CMU1 are connected to IOBO, and also linked to PCIe 1-8,but root complexes can work as fail over partners for high availability (the same applies to cmiw and CMU3 that connect to IOB1).

  4. EMS modules also need a PCIe root complex to control.

  5. In a DCU that has 2x CMU, installing in slots 0 and 1 is invalid.

Answer: A,C,E


http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/sun-sparc- enterprise/documentation/o13-056-m5-domaining-1991544.pdf

Question No: 2

To assist with remote diagnosis on the SPARC M5-32 platform, customer are asked to run the snapshot command. When collecting a snapshot on an Active SP, which user role is required for the user account to collect the snapshot?

  1. a

  2. u

  3. c

  4. r

  5. o

Answer: D

Question No: 3

Which component is a building block of physical domains (PDomainsorPDoms)?

  1. CMU

  2. SPP

  3. IOU

  4. DCU

Answer: C

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E50790_01/doc/doc.121/e50471/snapshot.htm

Question No: 4

The SPARC M5-32 server is well -suited for many workload requirements. Which requirement does the SPARC M5-32 server best fulfill?

  1. business-critical workloads that scale up to 32 cores

  2. applications that need fast and reliable virtualization technologies with no extra cost

  3. workloads that need encryption without sacrificing application performance

  4. consolidation of mission-critical workloads, where each needs physical isolation domains (PDoms)

Answer: D

Question No: 5

You have powered-on HOST2 and want to verify its current status. Which two commands would give that output?

  1. show /Servers/PDomains/PDoraain_2/HOST status

  2. show /Servers/PDomains/PDomain^l/HOST status

  3. show status /Servers/PDomains /PDomain_2/H0ST

  4. show /Servers/PDomains /PDomain 2/HOST status detail

Answer: A,D

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E50790_01/doc/doc.121/e50471/snapshot.htm

Question No: 6

You need to run a snapshot to collect SP data. Which two options you can dump the snapshot to?

  1. HTTP

  2. SFTP

  3. HTTPS

  4. FTP

Answer: B,D

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E20815_01/html/E20894/gjfxt.html

Question No: 7

A customer has a newly installed SPARC M5-32 platform. After using the HS processes, the SPs are now configured on their network, and the customer wants to configure the PDomains. Which two options represent choices that the customer has to set up the platform out of the box?

  1. accessing a Solaris domain on another host and using ipmi tool to assign components to PDomains

  2. using the Oracle ILOM BUI to assign components to PDomains

  3. using Oracle Ops Center to assign components to PDomains

  4. using the service processor ILOM command-line interface to assign components to PDomains

Answer: B,D

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24355_01/html/E41214/z40000fb1422285.html

Question No: 8

In order to cool SPARC M5-32 servers properly, it is necessary to ensure adequate airflow. Which three statements are correct?

  1. Allow a minimum clearance of 36 inches (914 mm) at the front and the rear of the server for ventilation.

  2. If the server is not completely populated with components, cover the empty sections with filler panels.

  3. Manage cables to minimize interference with the server exhaust.

  4. It is strongly recommended that you use cooling by ceiling vents because airflow is stronger.

  5. It is strongly recommended that you use cooling by a raised floor with perforated tiles in front of the server to supply cold air, because airflow is more evenly distributed.

Answer: B,D,E

Question No: 9

Using the SP ILOM commands to list properties, which command would you use to find out the mapping for all CMU boards in physical Domain 1 to the CPUs?

  1. show /Servers/Pdomains/Pdomain.l/System/Processors -level 3 location

  2. show / Servers/Pdomains/Pdomain_l/DCUs -level 3 location

  3. show /Servers/Pdomains/Pdomain_l/SP/Processors -level 2 location f

  4. show /System/Processors/C PUs -level 2 location

Answer: A

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24355_01/pdf/E41218.pdf

Question No: 10

Before performing a firmware upgrade, you must first check the keyswitch property for each host. What must it be set to for the firmware upgrade to work?

  1. Normal

  2. Locked

  3. Diag

  4. Open

Answer: D

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