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SPARC M6-32 and SPARC M5-32 Servers Installation Essentials

Question No: 41

A “cold” system is placed into a computer center (cooling air/normally approximately 20掳 C168quot; F). With power on, the chip/layer temperature rapidly becomes close to room temperature, because the overall system is not being cooled due to the fact that the quot;coolingquot; air is warmer than the quot;coldquot; system. In such a scenario, the quot;warming upquot; period is probably complete within only 1-2 hours.

What are two possible outcomes of this scenario?

  1. inability to power-on the system after it is acclimatized

  2. long-term damage (hair-cracks) on the computer boards

  3. intermittent equipment failure

  4. lack of network connectivity after it is booted

Answer: B,D



Question No: 42

Your customer is asking you the reason for using the EIS methodology to manage their

installation. Which statement is true regarding using the Installation Configuration Plan as part of that methodology?

  1. It enables you to define your test procedures to ensure successful installation.

  2. It enables you to define your system configuration: boot disk layout, networking, and physical domains.

  3. It enables you to perform an In-depth site analysis.

  4. It allows you to perform final sign-off with the customer after the installation is complete.

Answer: D

Question No: 43

When booting up a pre-installed domain, you are asked for some configuration information. Where should you look for that information?

  1. System Administration Guide

  2. Installation and Configuration Plan

  3. Installation Guide

  4. Server Product Notes

Answer: C

Reference: https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/armel/install.txt.en

Question No: 44

Where do you perform the completion of ASR activation?

  1. MOS

  2. ASR Client

  3. ASR Manager

  4. SP

Answer: C



Question No: 45

A customer calls in and reports a problem with CMU#10. They said they have an issue with HOST1. What Domain Configurable Unit (DCU) is this board located in?

  1. DCU_0

  2. DCU_1

  3. DCU_2

  4. DCU_3

  5. DCU_4

Answer: B



Question No: 46

Email alert notifications have stopped working. Which two targets should be checked to confirm that email alert configuration has been set up correctly?

  1. /SP/clients/smtp

  2. /SP/clients/snmp

  3. /SP/faultmgmt

  4. /SP/config

  5. /SP/alertmgmt/rules

Answer: A,D



Question No: 47

You have just closed a deal with a customer and are now ready to move into the installation phase of me sales and delivery cycle. For which two reasons is using the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS) documentation suite important in performing your customer installation?

  1. ensures all decisions about what the customer wants are clarified well before the installation starts

  2. supports the goal of consistent, high-quality installations

  3. provides a way to document what team performs what service

  4. enables the customer to easily see what has been defined and make changes as needed

Answer: B,C



Question No: 48

Which three statements are correct about installing DIMMS?

  1. Be sure that you are properly grounded before inserting the DIMM(s) in the socket(s).

  2. If a DIMM slot LED is lit, press the Fault Remind button to turn off the LED.

  3. When replacing a faulty CMU, you do not need to keep DIMMs in the same locations on thereplacement CMU, because the server has an intelligent load-balance feature.

  4. When you press the DIMM Fault Remind button, the slot for a faulty DIMM is lit.

  5. If a DIMM slot LED is lit, the fault is cleared only by the reset command In JLOM.

Answer: B,C,D

Question No: 49

Which statement is true about LDom functions and features?

  1. Each domain operates like an independent server that has full hardware isolation from the others.

  2. Each domain is a virtualized environment with a reconfigurable subset of hardware resources and an OS that can be started, stopped, and rebooted independently.

  3. LDoms enable you to isolate one application from others on the same OS, allowing you to create an isolated environment in which users can log in and do what they want from inside this environment without affecting others.

  4. A maximum of 128 domains can exist on each SPARC M5-32 s

Answer: C



Question No: 50

Your customer declines installation of the potential equalization cable that is recommended in the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS) guidelines. What should you do?

  1. Refuse to perform the installation until the customer adheres to the EIS guidelines,

  2. Install the system regardless of the customer#39;s decision.

  3. Continue with the installation, but note the customer#39;s decision in the sign-off document.

  4. Do a review of the existing grounding steps taken, and then proceed with the installation.

Answer: C

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