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Oracle Communications Order and Service Management Server 7 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 31

Identify three approaches to indicate that a failure due to invalid requests occurred in a southbound system and that must be addressed manually.

  1. Set order state to Failed.

  2. Set task to a custom-defined failed state.

  3. Transition the process to a manual fallout recovery task.

  4. Use Jeopardy notification.

  5. Use system events.

Answer: A,D,E

Question No: 32

Your customer requests OSM to be installed in a highly available environment to support a large volume of inbound orders and outbound requests. Which three components of the OSM architecture would you consider to propose to your customer?

  1. Oracle WebLogic installation with a cluster of admin servers

  2. Oracle Database with Real Applications Cluster (RAC)

  3. Administrator application installation in a clustered environment

  4. Load balancer to balance the workload among Oracle WebLogic Servers

  5. WebLogic Node Managers to control the Managed Servers

Answer: A,B,D

Question No: 33

Identify the outcome when an upstream system creates an order and some transformation errors are generated in the recognition rule.

  1. OSM accepts the order and immediately transitions it to the Failed state.

  2. OSM rejects the order back to the external system with an error message indicating the discrepancies.

  3. OSM queues the order in the web service queue until an administrator resolves it.

  4. OSM accepts the order and transitions it to the Not Started state.

  5. OSM accepts the order and transitions it to the In Progress state.

Answer: E

Question No: 34

A requirement indicates that OSM should send a message to an upstream system when a manual task in your provisioning process reaches the Received state. How would you model this functionality in your cartridge?

  1. with Data Change Notifications implemented at the Order level

  2. with Data Change Notifications implemented at the Task level

  3. with Milestone Event Notifications implemented at the Order level

  4. with Task-State Event Notifications implemented at the Task level

  5. with Jeopardy Notifications implemented at the Order level

  6. with Jeopardy Notifications implemented at the Task level

Answer: E

Question No: 35

In your cartridge, you have implemented one order and one orchestration sequence. What is the third element that should be configured to connect this orchestration sequence to your order?

  1. Orchestration Process

  2. Order Item Specification

  3. Orchestration Stage

  4. Decomposition Rule

  5. Recognition Rule

Answer: D

Question No: 36

Why would you use the Security Callback feature?

  1. to intercept user interaction with orders before they gain access to sensitive order data

  2. to block users from accessing any OSM applications and interfaces

  3. to intercept critical security alerts for OSM applications before they cause runtime exceptions

  4. to allow administrative users to enable security alerts for OSM applications

  5. to prevent users without administrative roles to access the WebLogic administration console

Answer: A Explanation:


Question No: 37

Which two pieces of information must be retrieved from the order items of an incoming order to create a follow-on order dependency?

  1. the reference number of the follow-on order

  2. the display name property of an order item in the base order

  3. the index of an order item in the base order

  4. the line ID property of an order item in the follow-on order

  5. the ID of the base order

Answer: B,D

Question No: 38

You are requested to design a solution to handle a fallout scenario while communicating with an inventory system for resource allocation because there are no available ports for a product that was purchased. Identify a solution that would address this condition.

  1. designing OSM to update the CRM system about the failure, so that the customer service representative (CSR) can decide whether to cancel the in-flight order or issue a new revision order to allocate new ports

  2. cancelling the order in OSM and informing the customer that the request cannot be processed

  3. reallocating the reserved ports in the inventory system and activating the requested ports in the activation system manually

  4. suspending the in-flight order in OSM and manually creating a new order to create new ports in the inventory system

  5. using the Task Web client to edit the order, manually changing the data received from the CRM system, and retrying the failed task for proper allocation of new ports

Answer: A

Question No: 39

Which two systems are included with OSM within the Rapid Service Design and Order Delivery (RSDOD) solution?

  1. CRM system

  2. trouble ticket system

  3. network discovery system

  4. activation system

  5. services inventory system

Answer: A,B

Question No: 40

You have implemented a custom logic that indicates in a field of your order data if the point-of-no-return (PoNR) has been reached or not. Identify two places where you should implement the logic to check this PoNR when order entry systems want to apply changes to an in-flight order.

  1. in a behavior in the Creation Task that is used to create your order

  2. in the Cancel Order transitions of the Order Lifecycle Policy

  3. in the Submit Amendment transitions of the Order Lifecycle Policy

  4. in the Process Amendment transitions of the Order Lifecycle Policy

  5. in the order recognition rule that recognizes your order

Answer: C,D Explanation: References:

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